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Real Property Portal

The real estate portal was designed to give all users a simple and effective way to access and search the commercial real estate property database, using a variety of search parameters.

Real Property Portal

Business Challenge

The client has been an active player in the real estate commercial market for 10 years and has many offices throughout the USA. They wanted a property web portal that would convert as many potential customers as possible into customers. The concept of the real property portal modernization was to put everything that the customer might need at their fingertips so that buying and leasing commercial housing of any type – offices, industrial buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, coworking, flexes, in the USA and overseas would be simple. The customer insisted on fast page rendering, enhanced UX/UI, and seamless use of a large real estate database, both on desktop and mobile. Our web portal development for the real estate agency needed to satisfy users and meet their needs right from the very first use.


XB Software has got significant experience in custom software development, as well as in web application development for the real estate industry. So, the team created a real estate web portal where users, depending on their needs, switch between 2 tabs, Leasing/Buying right on the main page. Various choices and filters allow them to navigate a map of real estate listings all over the world and select according to features like size, transport facilities, surroundings, street address, lease rate or price, broker’s name, and description.

  • For leasing, users search by Type, Lease Rate, Time Period, Building Size, and they can apply some specific filters, including Parking availability for offices, Transport facilities, City Areas, etc.
  • For buying, they can search according to Space (square feet), Capacity (number of people, cubic feet, etc.), Number of storeys, Price, Year of construction, History, and some specific parameters, such as industrial buildings, retail buildings, warehouses, distribution centers, coworking, flexes, etc.

On the commercial property portal, users can save their searches, add their listings, find a broker, get notifications, fill in their profiles, communicate through the platform in their personal account, submit a request, and much more.

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Professional investors in commercial real estate will find the market stats for different country regions to be a very useful feature. It allows them to explore the average list price, get notifications of what’s new, see price histograms, supply and demand charts, and the lowest and highest prices for a specific period of time. All these metrics serve as guidelines for investors and allow investors to buy and sell according to the best conditions in a particular market.

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Project in Figures


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  • Time to select a real estate property reduced by 5%;
  • User engagement increased by 19%;
  • Brand awareness in the market grew by 7%;
  • 98% customer satisfaction rate with the detailed monitoring and evaluation features;
  • 90% of users claimed that user interface had improved and property listing was easier on the mobile version.
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