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Integrated Scheduler Module For Efficient Task Management

Fully customizable integrated module for task tracking and scheduling that enables businesses to simplify the project management process in constantly changing environment. Provided functionality includes workflow management, employee time tracking, and efficiency assessment. The module can be effortlessly integrated into the ERP system and provide additional functionality without causing delays in the workflow.

Business Challenge

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine an efficient business management model that doesn’t include the use of a comprehensive ERP solution. Such an approach can help a company to process transactions more efficiently, but the pursuit of optimal costs doesn’t always allow implementing all features that custom ERP software development companies offer. Fortunately, modular ERP systems enable businesses to get only the features that are required and not to pay for unneeded extras. Additional functionality can be added as business grows and enters new markets. Integrated management modules allow managing the assets and processes of the business across all departments. As a result, business increases the ROI of the projects, cuts costs, and improves the efficiency of the processes.

Our client, a large transportation company, asked to develop and integrate a project management module with task tracking features into the existing ERP solution. The module should enable users to create and manage activities on all stages and within the timeframe of the main project. Company employees that have access to management features should be able to create, divide, and modify daily tasks, distribute work among staff members, and track the current state of vehicles. An additional requirement was to implement reporting features, convenient data filtering, exporting, and an overview of task history.


XB Software developers have created an integrated module for the client’s ERP system. Our project management solution allows creating several types of users with different access permissions. Employees can review schedules and get detailed info on particular tasks. Managers can create and modify tasks. Also, they have access to advanced reporting features.

This integrated management module allows managers to create, edit, update, divide, and set tasks. Each task contains such info as an assigned employee, vehicle or other specialized equipment, current status, and additional details. Managers can quickly determine which driver is responsible for a specific cargo. GPS tracking module allows receiving real-time info on the state and location of vehicles.

The project management module simplifies workload management and fleet congestion analysis. Our solution can automatically detect overlapping shifts, the time spent by each team member in each task, and notify managers if there’s the risk of employees overwork. The project status can be easily monitored with the help of this module, and effective measures can be taken at the required points.

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XB Software team developed an integrated management module for our client’s ERP system that enables employees to track tasks and manage the team’s workload via an intuitive user interface. Users of the system can manage and monitor the progress of the projects, determine the status of staff members, and check the current condition and location of vehicles. Built-in reporting features help to analyze the efficiency of used business processes and provide valuable insight for further improvements.

The project management module allows our client to:

  • enhance workforce management processes
  • improve project management operations in different areas of the company
  • save time by planning and tracking multiple projects in one system
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