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Social Platform

A social platform that allows users to express themselves and share their style in a variety of ways in the social nets.

Business Challenge

Practically every modern Internet user had several accounts in social nets (e.g.Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter). By using them, people could let the world know more about their personality and time spending – but it was still somewhat problematic to have a real conversation with immediate emotions. The customer came up with an idea to make an easy-to-use web tool for a two-way user interaction that would support lots of multimedia additions for sharing their momentary feelings. Of course, people wouldn’t change all their social nets with plenty of online friends and personal data for a new social network. That’s why the customer decided to make a project to complement the existing social platforms but at the same time, make it a unique and exciting tool for people of any age.


The customer team together with XB Software developers decided to build a new social platform. The new platform would empower people to express themselves and interact with other internet users using new rich ways of communication. Before starting to develop the platform the creators of the project investigated the market of social networks and made a portrait of their target audience. The competition was very strong, especially if we talk about such media giants as Facebook or Twitter.

The customer was compelled to make a product that would attract users of other social nets. Therefore the developers added a possibility to share users’ expressions on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. XB Software developers undertook the implementation of various Urturn UI templates. The company professionals used the most advanced HTML5 technologies and could make the new social platform truly interactive and complete.

Besides, XB Software programmers, experienced in mobile web development, produced a fast and easy-to-use mobile app.

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The created social platform has become widely used. It is available as an official iPhone app which is going to be complemented by an Android version soon. This mobile app is a compact version of the desktop app with the tools necessary to make and share template-based “works of art” on the go.

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