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UX Improvement for Web-based Healthcare Portal

A web-based health portal for access to knowledge about skin cancer that provides the opportunity to agree on the common diagnosis from several medical experts. Moreover, the website has a resource pack of images that can be used to educate specialists and non-specialists in melanoma recognition.

Business Challenge

Healthcare issues is a vital question in nowadays world. There are so many different diseases and so little time for doctors appointments that many people try to self-medicate.

The healthcare project website is very a useful and ambitious platform that had a common and old fashion design. That’s why our client asked our team to remake UI and improve the user experience of the existing project website to enhance the efficiency, effectiveness, and accuracy of melanoma diagnosis. Besides, the front-end of the healthcare project should be improved and remade, and extended with Multirater functionality.


XB Software development team was challenged with the user experience improvement of the healthcare platform for the enhancement of the front-end of the existing website. The XB Software’s goal was to develop a user-friendly and easy-in-use solution that allows users to search the images and diagnose melanoma early.

Thanks to our experience in the delivery of efficient application modernization services, XB Software’s team successfully revised and improved the current website design using Webix JavaScript UI widgets, which allowed better user interface and experience. Moreover, the functionality of Faceted search and part of Multirater were integrated into the website. The new user interface design needed to be easy-to-understand for the old users while also attractive for the new ones.

The main project goal was to automate and simplify the searching of images by database. The web application is based on Webix, Python, and MongoDB.

The healthcare app has Menu, DataView, Search, Checkbox and other components that allowed our developers to implement user-friendly features of data searching, menu navigating, etc. To perform well with thousands of data and image records and support single and multiple selections of list items, the Webix JavaScript DataView was used. The CheckBox was implemented to select multiple items from the list.

The JavaScript Menu component was used to make web-navigation user-friendly and great-looking, make the improvement of the overall design.

Moreover, our development team used an open-source machine learning library TensorFlow for building machine learning models for diagnosing melanoma early.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



XB Software team enhanced the existing healthcare website with the efficient and user-friendly user interface and experience.

The major project goals were achieved:

  • improvement of the web design and website usability of the melanoma diagnosis app as a part of our UX/UI development services.
  • technical integration of Faceted search, data visualization and Multirater annotation data support.
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