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Advanced ERP Software for Manufacturing Company

An online manufacturing ERP system that enables effective monitoring of machinery, human resources, stocks, and orders. The system provides centralized access to various ERP modules allowing automation of dozens of daily tasks.

Business Challenge

Our customer asked us to develop a single ERP solution to replace a plethora of separate legacy applications used in different departments. The reason was the necessity to enable a smooth flow of information within the company and implement easy-to-use mechanisms of extracting valuable insights from it. The customer experienced a significant decrease in productivity caused by the need to switch between different applications for retrieving data on production planning, checking customers’ information, assigning tasks to the employees, and assessing the company’s overall performance. Our job was to simplify the analysis of data generated by the customer’s manufacturing company by delivering a full-featured yet simple to use ERP software solution.


Our ERP software development team developed a comprehensive online solution that can automatically gather, store, and analyze enterprise-wide data and provide access to it on demand or by generating regular reports.

The manufacturing ERP software provides access to real-time data on the availability of materials in the warehouse, informs about possible future shortages, and allows contacting suppliers to ensure that the company can satisfy customer orders. The orders, in their turn, are displayed in the stock overview window, so employees always know if there are enough ready-to-ship items in the warehouse.

If a client orders an item that is not available in the warehouse, with a few clicks, a user can add it to the production schedule. The order will be displayed on an interactive calendar showing how many days it will approximately take to finish it. The ERP system will automatically split the new order into a number of subtasks and calculate the amount of required materials. Managers will receive a notification informing them about the new tasks to be completed. According to the settings, the system can automatically assign new tasks to the employees who don’t have any assigned activities. Alternatively, managers can assign new tasks manually. To monitor the project’s progress efficiently, our developers integrated an interactive Gantt chart into the system.

Our developers have implemented the machinery maintenance module to reduce the likelihood of downtime due to equipment failure. The module constantly monitors the state of machinery and notifies the responsible employee in the case of an emergency stop of a specific machine. Also, the system can automatically plan regular checkups and timely inform managers about the upcoming diagnostics. If a particular piece of equipment doesn’t work correctly, an employee can mark it in an asset list using a mobile app. The system will inform managers and check the availability of required spare parts in the warehouse.

To help our customer make data-driven decisions, our developers added a reporting module to the ERP system. The module gathers information regarding the most demanded products among customers, the productivity of teams and specific employees, average machinery downtime, cost of producing a particular product, etc.

The system represents this data in an intuitive way and provides access to it via the BI dashboard.

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Along with the customer, our business analysts developed a detailed plan of automating and improving the used business processes. The manufacturing ERP software solution that our developers built became an easy-to-use and effective replacement of a dozen of poorly supported and obsolete applications. Adopting this all-in-one ERP solution allowed our customer to streamline the workflow, improve productivity, and increase income. The manufacturing ERP system enables users to:

  • effectively monitor the current state of machinery
  • improve production management
  • control items movement through the warehouse and ensure their timely delivery to customers
  • enhance workforce management
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