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Workflow Application For Businesses

A web-based, SaaS application that processes business workflows and provides companies with performance overviews, real-time dynamic forecasts of profits and costs as well as effective team management patterns.

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Business Challenge

Nowadays many successful companies have to handle huge business partners, suppliers, customers, and goods information datasets. The more prosperous the business is, the more information has to be collected, processed and used for economic forecasts. As a rule, companies use standard programs for this purpose, but in most cases, such programs lack options vital for sales business. Businesses needed a tool that could be real-time, shareable and multilingual.

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XB Software developers were challenged to build a complex enterprise web application that allows companies to get a real-time overview of business processes. This app was developed to work in the following way: as soon as a business event occurs, the app captures processes and automatically distributes information via its central hub to all workflow participants. They instantly obtain information explicitly designated for them since the app allows setting permission access.

The application was created to analyze complex sales, customer, or manufacturing information via visual and numerical reports. To make the workflow even easier, the data grids filtering, sorting, and editing was also implemented. To enhance the company efficiency on the sales market, the app instant overview allows managing stock availability, client profiles, and tracking orders history. The app can be flawlessly configured with the multi-language, currency, and location functions to meet all business needs.

Applied Technologies

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1,5 + months

Estimated man-hours

115 +


XB Software web developers’ fruitful work resulted in a new powerful web app. Thanks to the JavaScript library Webix that was used to develop the app, it runs flawlessly on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop devices. The mobile version is constantly being improved.

The app was firstly designed to manage manufacturing, sales and distribution spheres. But in time it has eventually grown to the app suitable for all business areas.


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