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Client Acquisition Dashboard [LIVE DEMO]

An interactive BI dashboard demo that can give you a visual snapshot of the monthly statistics, trends and your clients’ activity. It allows your team to manage and analyze the company’s recent marketing and sales performance represented as a set of visualized KPIs.

The created client acquisition dashboard shows the marketing analytics data about users behaviour.

I want this prototype demo
You can view and analyze the following indicators visualized in an easy-to-read way:
lead generation metrics (the average online conversion rate, the volume of generated leads per month, leads grouped by country and by source)
number of opportunities who turn into actual paying customers
website visitors by location
expense and income per month
leads generation funnel (all Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads, Sales Qualified Leads, Won Leads)

The client acquisition dashboard can be used to create an analytical app from scratch or can be integrated as a separate module into an existing data management system. It will allow your marketing and sales team to analyze their activities deeply and create informative reports designed for continuous monitoring. It enables managers to focus on the goals with a clear understanding of your customers’ behaviour.

While marketing and sales activities cover multiple channels, our BI dashboard focuses on lead generation stats and shows progress towards monthly goals using different charts.

Key Features
Connect large volumes of data from a variety of sources
Embedded analytics
Intuitive navigation
Customizable UI
Simple data search and filtration
Immediate monitoring and visualization of data