Student Grading Dashboard [Live DEMO] - XB Software

Education process administration tool for educators and institutions Live Demo

An interactive and highly customizable education process administration tool based on Webix UI library is developed individually for educators and institutions.

Its purpose is to help to manage and control the education process participants and their key performance indicators.

The demo tool shows how to:
quickly and accurately assess student progress
keep track of students achievement
monitor staff statuses and efficiency
keep all important information at your fingertips
automate manual reporting processes
generate reports and analyze data
increase interactions between teachers and students
improve the education process and results
The current demo idea is to show the common idea, not the ready-made product.
A custom developed solution may also include:
integrated digital library (educational materials in various formats - video, audio, text, images - can be connected for quick access right from the tool)
lecture room booking (for booking rooms online, managing workspace)
scheduler (a software solution for schools that allows creating class timetables with ease) reports generation
export/import files to most popular document formats
info sharing and uploading

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