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White Label Online Exam System

Create, administer, and grade tests online with a simple-to-use platform. Our ready-made Online Examination System is perfect for educational institutions, organizations, and other businesses looking to streamline exam management and assessment.

White Label Online Exam System 1
White Label Online Exam System

Challenges in Using Online Exam Systems

Implementing the new online HSC (Higher School Certificate) exams system for Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering from 2025 in New South Wales, Australia poses several challenges:

Ensuring accuracy in exam content by providing real-time feedback on student performance and allowing for immediate adjustments to exam questions
Making the system more accessible by offering remote testing options
Granting security and reliability by using advanced encryption and authentication technologies
Providing teachers and administrators with training and support to ensure they are equipped to manage the new system effectively

Wide Variety of Benefits

Our White Label Online Exam System offers a range of benefits that can help you save time and resources while improving your overall exam process.

Cloud-based / On-premise solution

Cloud-based systems are suitable for flexibility and lower upfront costs, while on-premise solutions are ideal for greater control over data and infrastructure or specific security and compliance requirements.

Highly secured system

All exams can be encrypted, password-protected, and monitored using online security features, which prevent cheating, copying, and leaking of exam questions and answers.

Simple exam management

Our online examination management system grants seamless integration and user-friendly experience. It empowers examiners to effortlessly create and schedule online exams anytime, anywhere.

Data analysis and advanced reporting

This white-label online exam system provides instant real-time results, automatic grading, analytics, and reports for all roles, including both examinees and examiners.

Customizable and ready for rebranding

Our white-label product has an interface that can be configured and personalized according to the brand book of your company to let you launch the system as soon as possible.

Increased efficiency

Having an online exam system helps to reduce paperwork and decrease the human errors of examiners and administrators to make the overall process efficient and accurate.

Online Examination System Key Features

Admin Module 1
Admin Module 2
Admin Module
Streamline tasks for students
Oversee the registration data of examinees
Add new or terminate current tests
Edit and delete data
Tests and Answers 1
Tests and Answers 2
Tests and Answers
Check centralized hub with tests and answers
Manage previously created tests
View a list of tests and access the answers
Edit, copy, or delete tests
Constructor 1
Constructor 2
Simplify the process of creating and editing tests
Easily customize test content according to user’s needs
Add, modify, or remove questions
Update instructions and adjust the overall test structure
Answers 1
Answers 2
Check answers provided by examinees
Manage submitted results
Review and grade quickly and efficiently
Add comments or notes to answers
Checking System 1
Checking System 2
Checking System
Overview submitted questions and answers
Obtain additional info (number of questions, correct / incorrect answers, marks, test score)
Improve evaluation process
Get clear visibility into student responses, question status, and test performance
Testing System 1
Testing System 2
Testing System
Access and complete tests shared by examiners
Get clear instructions
Submit answers securely
Flag questions if needed

Maximizing Customization With Optional Features

Integration with LMS
Question Bank
Exam Scheduling & Planning
Remote Proctoring
Timers & Restrictions
Active Notifications
Automated Grading
Reports and Dashboards
Integration with LMS

Keep the Learning Management System (LMS) as the central software and leverage a powerful testing environment.

Question Bank

Let your educators store and organize a large number of exam questions in one place to have easier access.

Exam Scheduling & Planning

Schedule or administer exams at a convenient time and choose different options for inviting students to take it.

Remote Proctoring

Allow your students to take exams online from any location and ensure they’re monitored by a live or automated proctor to maintain exam integrity and security.

Timers & Restrictions

Include time limits, randomized questions, and other restrictions to increase the reliability of student results.

Active Notifications

Keep your test takers informed of test status with real-time notifications to allow them to feel more control over the situation.

Automated Grading

Help your teachers, educators, and examiners to reduce their workload and get results faster with the automatic grading system.

Reports and Dashboards

Get analysis and stats for optimal exam results with a wide range of easy-to-understand reporting options.

White Label Online Exam System

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