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Flexible Task and Bug Tracking System

XBtrack is a highly customizable web-based task and bug tracking solution for IT companies and other enterprises to keep track of reported bugs and tasks assigned to company employees.

It allows simple workflow management as well as effective collaboration between teammates.

XBtrack is built on the basis of a JavaScript widgets library. The created issue tracker is currently available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari users.

This products is distributed under MIT license as a SaaS solution that can be adapted and customized to your needs.

Key Features:

  • Fast tracking and handling of all software bugs and tasks – current, past and future
  • Email notification on bug and task updates, statuses and comments
  • Flexible UI that allows customizing the tracker fields
  • Fast filtration by priority, project, user, status and other values
  • Time tracking to estimate development time and bug fixes
  • Simple workflow reports
  • Simple creation of Excel reports
  • Remote data control from anywhere and from any device
  • Simple permissions configuration
  • Adapted for smartphones and tablets (iOS, Android)
  • Cross-browser compatibility

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