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Beat the competition by building innovative communication tools and web real-time applications‎ using WebRTC technology.

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XB Software offers creation of rich peer-to-peer voice and video chat apps using WebRTC and other real time technologies. WebRTC is the technology to enable live streaming video, peer-to-peer communication, and fast and secure data exchange.

What is peer to peer communication?

Peer-to-peer communication is a communication model, in which each party can initiate a communication session without using a centralized administrative system and make their resources directly available to the network participants. In this model each peer (node) functions both as server and a client.
Peer-to-peer programs focus mostly on media sharing.

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is actually real-time broadcasting of audio and/or video feed to an audience. The audience can access the live stream via the Internet by means of PC, laptop, tablet or mobile devices.
It is a good way to communicate with your partners, clients and prospects, which provides the same level of engagement as face-to-face communication.

What is WebRTC?

WebRTC apps development

WebRTC consists of several APIs and protocols that work together and help to develop secure browser-based real time peer-to-peer apps by writing only HTML5 code. With WebRTC there’s no need to use third-party plugins or install client-side software.
WebRTC apps work across multiple browsers and platforms. WebRTC supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and Microsoft Edge (ORTC).

Value for Business

WebRTC technology is the best choice to secure both internal and external corporate peer-to-peer communications.
Your confidential information is kept secure and no malefactor can either intercept or eavesdrop it.
The use of WebRTC in your video chat apps will contribute to the long-lasting business relationships with your business partners.

The Advantages of WebRTC

Supports Multiple Platforms and Devices

Due to the APIs from the W3C and protocols from the IETF, data flow can be transferred between two and more WebRTC-enabled browsers and web apps that support WebRTC by means of point-to-point connections. Real-time voice and video connections can be established between different WebRTC devices and media servers.

Secure Voice and Video Connections

WebRTC allows voice and video authentication and encryption due to the Secure RTP protocol (SRTP). You can be sure that your communication can’t be eavesdropped or recorded even when you use open Wi-Fi networks.

High Quality of Voice and Video Calling

WebRTC uses high fidelity voice Opus codec that is based on Skype’s SILK codec technology. Excellent video streaming is ensured by VP8 codec. Both the codecs ensure interoperability and doesn’t require any additional codecs to be installed. Finally, these codecs are free to use.

Adaptability to Network Conditions

WebRTC is a smart technology that can adapt to your network conditions. It considers the bandwidth availability to avoid congestion, and adjusts communication quality to deliver the best possible audio and video streams. This is possible thanks to the RTP Control Protocol and SAVPF (Secure Audio Video Profile with Feedback). WebRTC is a low latency protocol that works in all browsers except for Safari.

Interoperability with Voice and Video Systems

The voice and video systems that use SIP, Jingle, XMPP and PSTN and other standard protocols support WebRTC-based devices.

Fast WebRTC Apps Development

No specific knowledge of WebRTC technology is required since WebRTC provides standardized APIs. The app on video below can be pretty fast customized to your business needs. In general, it takes about 3-4 working weeks to develop a simple WebRTC application from scratch.

WebRTC Apps We Create

Custom WebRTC apps

Custom WebRTC apps

Highly scalable video chat apps, audio apps, live streaming apps and real time communication apps based on WebRTC with secure data exchange. WebRTC enables communication between two clients, while server is used to connect them, which means less server capacity and throughput needs and more requirements to the client channel. WebRTC is recommended to use when you need to establish no more than five P2P connections. For higher capacities our WebRTC developers setup TURN servers to relay traffic, avoid congestion of audio and video data and keep your computer running smoothly.
Responsive WebRTC apps

Responsive WebRTC apps

Real-time communication apps developed by XB Software team have material design, which means it looks similarly good both on desktop and mobile devices. Building WebRTC apps with material design is more cost-effective than creating native apps. However, WebRTC is not supported by iOS browser therefore responsive WebRTC apps are mostly used for live streaming but not for peer-to-peer communication.

WebRTC Demo Example

WebRTC Solutions & Features

What apps can you build with WebRTC? Encrypted video communications apps, share confidential files, create group video chats, live customer support apps and other P2P solutions.

  • Video chat apps
  • Conference chat apps
  • Audio processing apps
  • Text chats
  • Screen sharing
  • Mobile Support
  • Real time messaging
  • P2P data exchange data exchange
  • P2P file transfer

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