We have recently launched a comprehensive and blazingly fast JavaScript and HTML5 UI components library called Webix. It is a perfect tool for developing interactive web apps that can work in popular frameworks. The library presents over 45 feature-rich components, provides integration with jQuery, AngularJS and Backbone.js, and runs flawlessly on most modern mobile devices. 


Web apps created with Webix have offline support, easily skinnable interface, cross domain data loading, and more.

The Webix library offers an extraordinary number of UI widgets that cover the most sophisticated requirements of JavaScript web developers and support the latest web browsers. These UI components can be effortlessly embedded into existing apps thanks to their extreme customizability and high adaptability.

One of the key Webix advantages is its capability to work on multiple platforms. The library includes not only necessary tools for building desktop web apps but also allows developers to use the same UI components to create usable mobile apps. The user interface of mobile apps developed with Webix is optimized for touch screens; all events are processed smoothly even on small screens.

The introduced JavaScript UI components library can be easily integrated with the server-side. It can be done by using ready server-side Connectors for Java, PHP, ASP.NET.  Moreover, Webix components work with several MVC frameworks such as RoR, ASP.NET MVC, Spring, Struts and Grails. Webix gives developers a possibility to use REST API with all Webix’s components.

Webix delivers an easy way to integrate the library with such a popular MVC framework as Backbone.js and, since v 1.2, with AngularJS. This integration enables developers to build powerful web apps taking all the bonuses of MVC frameworks, like using rich Webix components instead of manually coded custom solutions.

Apart from this, the library can be integrated with jQuery. It enables developers to add Webix UI components on a page as a jQuery plugin and be sure that it won’t conflict with the jQuery framework.

Other features that deserve mentioning include:

  • coherent and easy-to-learn documentation;
  • integration with Mercury, NicEdit, TinyMCE;
  • integration with Google, Nokia, and Yandex maps;
  • fast data loading, defining the widgets’ appearance fully with CSS and cross domain data loading.

Taking into accordance all the above mentioned advantages, it’s can be said that Webix is a cutting-edge JavaScript tool that helps developers build powerful mobile and desktop web apps using HTML5 and CSS3 technologies with ease.

Webix is distributed under GNU GPL v3 and commercial licenses. The pricing starts from $170 per license. Licenses and support plans can be acquired separately. If you buy more than 5 licenses, you’ll get a 15% discount. Buying more than 10 licenses will grant you a 40% discount.

The Webix library can now be easily installed through NuGet or Bower package managers.

For detailed information, visit Webix website: https://webix.com