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Webix UI is Always Ahead


Webix is being constantly improved to make your users’ experience better as well as to comply with the latest changes in the field of web technologies. Thus, it has been recently updated to the version 2.5 which has brought such awesome features as Microsoft edge support, major Kanban and Pivot updates as well as small …

Amazing Evolution Of Webix Library

webix docs

Webix has been recently updated to the version 2.0. It is a great release that includes lots of new features, improved performance and bug fixes. Let’s learn more about these changes.

Webix Improvements Never Stop

webix 1.7 xbs

XB Software web development company has recently released  Webix 1.7. It presented a new default flat skin, brought some improvements in the support for touch devices and many other novelties.

Build Rich Web Apps with Webix JavaScript UI Library

webix javascript ui library

We have recently launched a comprehensive and blazingly fast JavaScript and HTML5 UI components library called Webix. It is a perfect tool for developing interactive web apps that can work in popular frameworks. The library presents over 45 feature-rich components, provides integration with jQuery, AngularJS and Backbone.js, and runs flawlessly on most modern mobile devices.