The history of IT market is full of stories when small software development companies achieve success not only because they are capable of bringing an absolutely innovative idea to the market, but also because they have an ability and desire to dazzle customers with superior execution. The bigger challenge is to maintain the reputation of company that can keep quality service from project to project.

custom software development company

Сustom Software Development Company You Need

When selecting a custom software development company, you should be sure it is capable of delivering quality within the entire software lifecycle.
What are the signs of a quality-focused software development company?

1. They plan project quality

Quality-focused companies thoroughly work over the quality goal and describe expectations about the developed project clearly enough.

2. They monitor software development processes

A company that lacks common software development processes is akin a sewing factory that sews clothes without a pattern. So if you seek to outsource your project, you should evaluate your partner on the processes implemented in the company to make you confident about their ability to deliver a quality product. Such processes include requirements analysis, architecture and design, sprint planning, coding, testing and deployment.

3. They collect and analyze data

In the advent of web analytics, it is a common practise to collect and analyze data. However companies who stand out, pay not the least attention to the quality metrics they track. Customer satisfaction comes first for them, it governs the company’s philosophy greatly. That’s why they conduct customer surveys at different intervals and never lose touch with their prospects.

4. They invest in capacity

It is important for them to be ready for challenges. That’s why they are never stretched thin on resources and are able to overdeliver, thus exceeding the customers’ expectations.

5. They cultivate a customer service culture

They are customer-friendly and show great concern for their customers. Their frontline service representatives have a burning desire to serve the customer in the the best possible way.

Custom Software Development Company Ratings

If you are in doubts which software development company to select, check out the reviews of some acknowledged independent agency, for example, Clutch from Washington. It has recently published the rating of top software developers in Belarus. It will help you to make a choice.