There may be different reasons for hiring a remote development team of experienced IT specialists. Time doesn’t stand still, and to compete with other players on the market, your software solutions must comply with the latest standards. Whether you decided to automate the workflow in your company or move your legacy software to the web, some unexpected issues may arise. The project may require implementing a set of specific features, and you may not have experienced developers with the necessary skill set among the members of your IT department (if you have one). Software development companies may face a shortage of human resources and lack of time to put together a close-knit team of diverse specialists.

In any of these cases, your company’s perspectives may not be pretty optimistic. The tasks you’ll have to deal with may become overwhelming. As a result, you won’t meet your deadlines, which will put your reputation at risk. To avoid such a tragic scenario, you can either spend time and effort recruiting new employees or decide to hire a dedicated development team. In this article, we’ll consider which benefits you can derive from the second of these options.

How Hiring Experienced Development Team Can Help Your Business

First of all, hiring a remote development team makes you sure that you’ll be dealing with trained IT professionals. Usually, considerable time is required to find a developer with the skill set needed for your particular needs. The amount of time spent on team building to achieve the necessary level of mutual understanding between the team members should also be taken into account. You can either decide to deal with all these tasks yourself or let a professional software development company take care of all the team-building routines.

Hiring a remote development team of IT talents is a pretty cost-saving approach. A permanent hire may not be the best decision if you know that you only need a development team for a few weeks or months. For example, there’s a necessity to implement a set of particular features. Such a task won’t take much time, but you want to be entirely sure that everything will work fine, and users won’t face any issues in the future. In this case, you can hire dedicated web developers for the necessary period without any long-term commitment implying additional tax expenses. Customization projects don’t require much time and effort so that you can hire a single developer for a couple of days. In the case of long-term and complex projects, well-trained teams of 50 and more IT specialists are ready to provide you with their skills. You don’t have to spend your time searching for an employee with the required set of skills. Software development companies can provide you with a dedicated development team that has the necessary knowledge and experience.

Each company has a unique approach to software development. For some, hiring a remote development team may be a cost-saving alternative to hiring full-time IT specialists. Sometimes, your appetites can grow during development, and you may decide to add extra functionality or develop a mobile version of the app. It’ll lead to the need to check if a mobile app is compatible with all types of mobile devices, detect possible bugs, and make sure that a cloud database works without any issues. In such a case, expanding your team with QA specialists may become a reasonable solution. You don’t have to pay a salary to extra employees year-round if you need them only for a short period. Hiring remote IT staff allows cutting unnecessary budget losses and paying only for the work that you need right here and now. Such an approach lets you stay flexible and quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Dedicated development teams don’t consist of temps or interns, so you can describe how the final product should look and be entirely sure of the good results of their work. An experienced remote development team brings a considerable skill set to your project and can free you from the necessity to delve into the project’s core. When you hire a remote development team, you can rely on help from specialists in different fields. Project managers, for example, can take care of defining project scope, organizing the team, coordinating them during development, and monitoring the current progress. You don’t have to understand how a particular technology works. Instead, you can forget about routine and focus on the big picture and concentrate efforts on the project’s very concept.

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Lack of possibility to handle a project using your resources can be a potentially risky situation. Full-blown outsourcing may cause losing control over your project. When you hand over the project to an outsourcing company, you lose the possibility of influencing the project until everything is done. On the other hand, there’s a possibility to expand your stuff with a knowledgeable dedicated team of developers and keep everything in-house. Thus, you can maintain full control over the workflow and eliminate the risks associated with outsourcing.

Another distinctive feature of hiring a dedicated development team is the possibility to get a non-biased and qualified opinion on your project. A fresh look at the concepts that should find their embodiment in your project can identify weaknesses in the approach used. Analysis of your product requirements by experienced business analysts will allow you to look at your idea in a new way. Therefore, do not be afraid to answer questions about your product. XB Software works under NDA and guarantees that all your ideas will remain confidential. The more information you share with us, the better we can understand your needs and expectations.

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Choosing a remote development team of high-skilled IT specialists allows reaping lots of benefits. You can get fast access to the services of the professional development teams ready to start working immediately. An experienced software development company can gather the development team possessing a set of skills required for your particular project in a short time. It frees up your time and allows you to focus on the project itself. You can reduce costs by eliminating the need for searching, interviewing, and hiring a full-time employee. You can choose a person or a development team with the specific skill set your project needs.

XB Software can help you to hire dedicated teams of developers, designers, business analysts, project managers, and QA engineers for small, medium, or large projects.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions regarding hiring a remote development team.