The effectiveness of an educational institution depends not only on the professionalism of the teaching staff and the relevance of the knowledge taught. Another important aspect is the ability to analyze academic progress data continuously and the possibility to make changes to the learning program as fast as possible. Tracking student progress plays a significant role both for teachers and learners. When learners see their growth, they better understand how their efforts relate to bigger goals. Teachers, in their turn, can evaluate their effectiveness by reviewing trends in student data.

Adopting an effective tracking software for student data tracking, educational institutions can determine all the weak and strong sides of the used learning program. Also, such systems help develop new insights using data accumulated during the years of work. Such an approach will enable to define how different changes affect students’ progress. You will know when to slow down or speed up while studying a particular subject to achieve better efficiency. Today, we’ll consider how the use of a custom tracking system can help an educational institution to use its data for improving the efficiency with minimum efforts.

Improved Students and Teachers Assessment

Software development companies can create student data tracking solutions suitable both for small and large educational institutions. In the case of nationwide educational organizations, such systems can gather data across different universities, colleges, and schools. After that, this data can be processed and represented in an easy-to-read way for better understanding.

Continuous tracking of students’ progress data helps teachers to make sure that the process of education works according to expectations with no delays or gaps. With modern tracking software, tutors can see how long learners need to learn a particular subject and how much progress learners have made during the semester, month, or even a week. Teachers can analyze this data to understand what particular topics cause the most struggle for specific students.

The data-based approach enables tutors to define if the chosen studying program ensures excellent performance. If not, assessment software can provide some tips for further improvements. This feature can be especially helpful for young tutors who didn’t have enough time to gather the required experience.

Technology in Education Helps to Keep Students Engaged

Young people love technology. Any educational technique that goes beyond the use of textbooks, notebooks, and pencils and offers the use of technological tools is doomed to success. The generation of technological learners will be happy to use their smartphones as a part of the educational process. Modern data tracking software can be fully compatible with mobile devices, which can help you to leverage the widespread use of this technology.

For example, you can make the learning process more entertaining using the right approach to the use of the available data. Students can obtain achievements for their academic progress, such as a virtual honor badge for five good grades in a row. Also, the ability to compare the academic progress with other students will allow to introduce an element of competition in the learning process and make learners more engaged.

Bullet graph


Teachers as well can leverage from the use of mobile devices. Smart alerts and mobile notifications system helps to be aware of important events at any time. For example, a teacher can receive a notification if the average grade of a particular student falls below a given value. It will provide time to prepare changes to the educational program and develop a more personalized approach for specific students.

Tracking Apps Help to Implement Adaptive Learning Practices

Each student has a different pace of learning and the comfortable way of absorbing knowledge. Some students like to spend some time with a textbook while others can understand the subject better during the practical lessons. Student data tracking apps can help teachers to define which educational approach works better for different students. Also, this data can be used for implementing Competency-based Education techniques.

Competency-based Education or CBE is the approach that includes the tracking of differences in skills and speed of learning between different students. According to this data, teachers can create adaptive learning programs.

CBE allows educational institutions to develop an individual-focused approach to learning. If a particular student requires more time to focus on a subject, a teacher can create a personalized learning plan. To assess the progress of a particular student, teachers can use a student progress tracking app that represents data in an easy-to-read way:



Using such tracking software, teachers can review such data as:

  • the progress of a particular learner by subjects
  • the students’ grade point average
  • the average performance of students across the disciplines
  • the study progress over the period.

This approach allows quickly assessing the students’ academic performance and understand whether they have talents in specific areas. To check how such software works in real life, you can try our student grading demo.


Any organization that generates a significant amount of data should define the ways of extracting useful insights from it. If there’s the need for a decision that can significantly change the usual course of things within the educational organization, it’s essential to make sure that this decision is based on detailed data analysis.

Actual custom tracking software for student progress tracking is the exact tool that can make data structuring and analysis more efficient. These systems provide easy access to such metrics as student enrollment, academic progress, graduation rates, and many others. As a result, you can get a clear view of the current state of affairs and make an informed decision on the necessity of changes. Measuring and continually controlling the available data allow significantly improve the efficiency of education and develop more flexible educational programs.

To learn more about the use of tracking software in modern education, you can receive a free consultation from our specialists.