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Accessibility Application with a Booking Calendar

A web-based app for visually impaired users that allows customizing the existing system and in particular improve accessibility with the booking calendar. The developed software is recognized by JAWS – the official application, that reads the screen for the people with visual disabilities.

Accessibility Application

Business Challenge

Accessibility and flexibility of present-day technologies provide vast opportunities to eliminate or at least significantly reduce the inconveniences that various types of disabilities can cause. Nowadays, modern technologies allow any user to get access to online services from almost everywhere. Special attention is given to the way of interaction between the software and a user to adapt better to the people with special needs.

XB Software’s development team was asked to develop the app for users with vision impairments to make easier access and interaction with the calendar. The app for visually impaired people should meet requirements of the US law stating that all the information that is published on the governmental resources must be available to all the people, who can use a computer. The provided app should smoothly work in the IE and with the Jaws 18 version. Our client needed IT and QA staff augmentation service for the support and maintenance of the existing project.

Accessibility Application


XB Software developers enhanced booking calendar with accessibility features to provide availability and better interaction with the app for people with visual disabilities. Our team used JavaScript Scheduler that contains a set of accessibility features:

  • WAI-ARIA Attributes
  • Keyboard Navigation
  • High-Contrast Themes

The design was developed according to the current web application.

To reduce any inconvenience and meet the needs of visually impaired users, our development team used a technical specification named WAI-ARIA for JavaScript Scheduler. These are additional attributes which make the component recognizable for screen readers.

With keyboard navigation, visually impaired users can navigate the calendar without mouse pointers just using keyboard shortcuts.

We implemented the high-contrast theme feature of JavaScript Scheduler to make the app’s interface more distinct and easier to see. These themes are helpful for people with special or particular visual needs.

Moreover, our developers customize the existing scheduling app. The following features were added:

  • time display
  • availability time selection
  • users viewing
Accessibility Application

3+ month

Estimated man-hours


Applied Technologies


Our Role in the Client's Success

XB Software development team created an app for special needs that allows people with visual disabilities to reduce inconvenience and improve the accessibility of the booking calendar apps for scheduling their events.

The system allows users to:

  • save their time by intuitive searching, filtration, and fast booking
  • eliminate the most of possible issues that user with visual disabilities can face with
  • reach all the calendar features


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