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Data Management System For Scholarships Awarding Organization

An easy-to-use online data management system for students applying for awards and award grantors. The app allows students to add, correct, and store personal data, upload essays and transcripts, shortlist appropriate scholarships, and apply for scholarships online. The award provider profile is designed to manage organization’s logo, description, address, and scholarships, as well as to manage and track applications for the given scholarships.

Data Management System For Scholarships Awarding Organization

Business Challenge

Finding a data management information system that combines the best offers on scholarships may seem like a challenge nowadays. There is much decentralized and incomplete information about scholarship opportunities for students. As a result, many funds haven’t received requests for the awards, while students couldn’t find the correct and proven information about the funds and scholarship process.

To better organize information about scholarships, funds, and students, and decrease the high administrative workloads for employees, the client required to develop an easy-to-use online data storage management system to publish details about funds and scholarships for students. The school management system should allow award grantors to manage data about scholarships, and let students apply for awards online.


XB Software developers have great experience in creating school management systems. Therefore, we had no difficulty to create the online data management information system for connecting students and administrators of funds. The system provides two types of users: award applicants and award providers. The managers of funds can create, edit, update and upload documents about scholarships, and students can manage their own information about academic rewards and check the progress of their applications.

The management storage system includes a unified data repository to maintain all information about scholarship awards. This ensures that everyone involved in the process can always view the most up‐to‐date information both about grants and applicants from anywhere at any time.

The school data management system allows award providers and employers to:

  • publish and update information about scholarships
  • manage scholarship applications online
  • place info about internships and entry-level jobs for students and graduates

For students it allows:

  • online searching for scholarships and creating shortlists
  • creating and editing a personal profile as an applicant and uploading the required documents
  • direct sending of online applications for awards

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XB Software team developed and easy-in-use online school data management system that allows students from all over the world to apply for scholarship awards directly from the portal. It also lets them view and track information about their application status.

The app offers:

  • managing scholarships data
  • viewing, selecting and connecting with applicants online
  • facilitating the process of applying for awards from anywhere for every student
  • eliminating different problems related to the grant application process
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