School Management and
Administration Software

If you need teacher/student evaluation software or special education solutions, such as IEP
and RTI software, we have experience and resources to develop such software for you.


XB Software is an expert in building powerful school management and administration solutions for the American and EU educational organizations and companies. All software is developed in compliance with state and federal requirements. The knowledge of cutting edge technologies and the development of Webix UI Widgets Library allows us to create nice looking and high performance solutions for educators.

We focus on building two types of software for educators:

Special education software that helps students with intellectual disabilities reach their potential. Such solutions include:

IEP software (Individualized education program software) to work with children with learning issues (brain injuries, developmental delays and intellectual disabilities), qualifying for IDEA services.

RTI software (Response to Intervention software) to work with children with learning and attention issues. The RTI software allows assessment of students’ knowledge. It helps screen all children in the general education classroom, monitor their progress, document data, create charts, fidelity checklists and various reports.

Evaluation and Assessment Software for Teachers and Students - can be designed to simplify the general educational process, save time and spend more time teaching.

Offered Functionality:
  • Individualized dashboards for educators to retrieve and process all necessary information quickly and accurately
  • Work scheduling tools to manage and schedule tasks
  • Email notifications to staff
  • Messaging collegues to optimize the communication process
  • IEP case management to capture and maintain all information about students with special needs
  • Customizable templates to create student cases, IDEA and state compliant web-based forms
  • Task management tool to assign tasks related to special education student’s case and keep track of their implementation
  • Complete student record and data storage in one place
  • Advanced reports to make sure all deadlines and met and timelines are associated with special education
  • Medicaid billing integration to pay the salaries of school nurses or provide funds for other nursing department needs
  • RTI module to document RTI Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions and goals, and monitor and chart student progress
  • Ready-to-use templates for students’ knowledge evaluation
  • Digital documentation management and storage
  • Work assignment and tasks scheduling
  • Tracking comprehensive student information
  • Maintaining historical data
  • Simplified student enrollment
  • Automated student data management
  • Scheduling and tracking education meetings
  • Email notifications to staff and inquiries tracking
  • Progress evaluation and score system
  • Personalized digital library

Other Features:

Сross browser support
Mobile support
Export/import to excel, pdf, etc.
Data synchronization
Offline accessibility
Reports generation
Document upload and file sharing

Our Approach

While developing school management and administration software, we will take into account the specifics of educational system and regulations in your country, as well as special education requirements for students who need additional support and resources. Our goal is to improve management in educational establishments and help streamline implementation of educational programs with the use of the most effective web technologies.

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