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360° ERP System for Real Estate

XB Software created a custom web-based full-featured ERP software for a real estate company with an in-build CRM module and a web portal to embrace all business processes and give them the best control and management.


Business Challenge

In such a competitive sphere as real estate where tenants, landlords, sellers, and real estate buyers, agents and service companies closely interact together in a single process. For the companies that organize this process and are intermediaries, it is imperative to arrange seamless communication between participants and store information for the back office.

The client set goals to the ERP for real estate business:

  • сollect and manage information, organize its storage in the system and flow between various departments of the real estate company
  • create customizable workflows to track and control leads from inception to sale to reduce client losses in the sales funnel
  • organize financial management, track and manage human resources from comprehensive dashboards
  • empower interactions with clients
  • pay vendors automatically
  • improve staff productivity and increase the efficiency of all operations
  • make all decisions data-driven through Business Intelligence visualization in customizable dashboards
  • integrate third-party services to reduce information and time losses
  • implement comprehensive scheduling features for office and field staff


The 360° ERP system developed from scratch by XB Software consists of 3 layers, conditionally divided for the Client’s service, Staff and Executives.

Clients (landlords, tenants, and service companies, etc.) start their journey with an official real estate company’s web portal and a personal account, where depending on their role, they see different dashboards. All users can execute such standard dashboards as Financial, Calendar and Scheduling, Notifications, and Communication for the highest quality service in one place. Others are typical for each role:

  • Landlords can add their property to the site’s database, place requests for the maintenance services.
  • Tenants use their personal accounts for the most relevant search of rental housing by various criteria and by map.
  • Vendors see such features as Service requests, Submission notifications, Information about the property, Reports of quality and completion.
  • Real estate Buyers see Newest Listings, Property Details with History and Neighbourhood Description as well as the property Price, Down payments, Mortgage loan types and Interest rate. They can choose property by using different filters, save their searches, look through similar variants, contact the agent, or choose one to represent their interests and find what they need.
  • Sellers search for the listing agents in their areas by different criteria,communicate with them, monitor the state of the deal.
  • Real estate agents can create their profiles and present their portfolio.

All the information is stored as well in the ERP system for real estate and full-featured CRM for all departments to initiate seamless processes.

Advanced CRM Module

The customer asserted that in real estate sphere clients use too many communication channels to solve their tasks that it turns out that the staff members in the company have to spend time switching between all kinds of messengers, social networks, email services; search, forward information, forget about the agreements because information is not at hand. XB Software developed Advanced CRM to address these business pain points. The CRM сollects information from various sources, organizes its storage and flow between the sales team, preventing losses on the way through the sales funnel. Customer support and feedback are better organized, takes less time and are of higher quality in the end. Scheduling is also one of the core features in the system. It’s designed equally user-friendly for appointments with customers both from office and in the fields.

360° ERP system

The ERP for the real estate industry is designed to manage all business processes beginning with real estate listings and ending with payments and staff. Whatever is going on in your office and beyond (meetings with clients or search and control of vendors) ERP real estate management system must track it any minute with comprehensive transparency. It has got 2 different levels for Executives and Staff members. Staff members carry out procedures and report the results, while executives appoint business rules and new team members, control vendors, finances, use BI dashboards for decision making. 360° ERP is designed for property portfolio management with API real estate listing integrations. ERP system is available on mobile and is user-friendly for the field staff. It is also possible to fulfil integration of applications that employees have been using for a long time and which they cannot abandon in their everyday work.

ERP modules can be added by the demand to perform specific Real Estate business tasks:

  • management system for efficient work with vendors
  • auction systems
  • communication apps and chatbots
  • virtual tours – AR, VR, video
  • integrations with third-party specific apps and web-services

Applied Technologies


12 months

Estimated Working Hours


Business Effects of Real Estate ERP System

  • 15% rise in sales through right organized proactive approach via CRM system
  • 13% client satisfaction rate rise
  • 11% working speed rate increase
  • 100% processes automation and transparency
  • 100% data-driven decisions for senior executives

XB Software team has a deep understanding of the domain and expertise in the field of software development for real estate.