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Truck Booking and Monitoring System

A truck booking system that allows clients to rent a truck online and monitor the state of their cargo in real-time. The system helps to reduce fuel losses, improves fleet management, and increase customer satisfaction.

Business Challenge

Any logistics business includes a large number of variables to track and measure. You have to monitor the fuel costs, always be aware of the state of your fleet for timely service, use efficient GPS tracking systems to receive real-time info on the location of your cargo, and so on. If you rent your trucks to third parties, the overall picture gets even more complicated, and it becomes pretty hard to manage the fleet business without the use of specialized logistics solutions.

A large logistics company that handles its own fleet and offers trucks for rent asked us to develop a custom truck booking and monitoring system. The primary requirement was to provide clients with a reliable online booking system that will allow them to rent fleet vehicles and monitor their state and location. Also, our customer asked us to implement a fuel management feature that can help to optimize company costs. The truck booking system should provide the company with the ability to maintain its fleet in good condition.


XB Software’s developers have created a comprehensive and reliable truck booking systemDHTMLXScheduler, a JavaScript calendar was used by our developers to allow clients to rent a vehicle online. After the booking is made, a customer will receive a notification via email or mobile device. The online enterprise truck booking system keeps them up to date with real-time information on cargo condition and location.

The GPS system monitors dozens of important indicators to significantly improve fuel management. Company managers can always be aware of the amount of fuel required for each vehicle, control fuel consumption, and define the possible ways of cutting fuel costs.

The truck booking and monitoring system we developed allows users to monitor all the information that is related to truck inventory, current and future assignments of drivers, etc. To provide our customers with the ability to review all clients’ information with a couple of clicks, our developers have added an easy-to-use contact management feature to the system. With its help, any employee can review and edit such info on clients as contact information, booking details, the current number of leased trucks, and more.

The truck booking system includes advanced logging and reporting features. Company management can visualize core KPIs with a couple of clicks and create easy-to-read interactive reports.

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Our booking systems development team has built a comprehensive truck management solution that provides a lot of useful features both for the company and its clients. This online system significantly simplifies the booking of vehicles and monitoring the trucks and cargo in real-time. The truck booking app helps the company to:

  • increase user satisfaction
  • monitor the condition of its assets
  • implement efficient fuel management
  • use real-time GPS fleet tracking
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