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Healthcare Messaging Application

A healthcare messaging application for people who care about their relatives, for healthcare staff who looks after their patients, and especially for people who shouldn’t forget to take their pills. The mobile application gives a family member or a professional caregiver an ability to see when the medication has been taken, and receive notifications if the person under care forgets to take a pill.

Business Challenge

Being a caregiver for a family member or for a patient can be a heavy burden, and the role often goes underestimated. While the assistance of family and friends is crucial, apps can help to facilitate some of the processes and serve as a caregiver. The healthcare messaging application should be created for people who want to take care of their close relatives or friends. For example, for children who want to be sure that their parents or grandparents don’t forget to take medication on time. Moreover, the staff of nursing homes who take care of their patients. The secure messaging healthcare application should allow a caregiver to be informed by SMS that a new user (patient or relative) is added to the system, and then the process of taking a pill can be tracked with the healthcare mobile application.

XB Software team was requested to develop a user-friendly, flexible and informative mobile healthcare messaging app for monitoring the timely medication intake. The core functionality should provide the possibility of adding a few users under the care and keeping track of them. Moreover, the application should allow viewing the issued packs, which pills are taken, and set up notifications.


XB Software team was required to create a useful and interactive healthcare mobile application to track the process of taking pills on time by people under care. The main feature of the application is the real-time tracking of taking the right medications by a user. A pharmacist needs to keep the clients’ records in the system. The healthcare messaging application was developed to reduce additional time spent by the medical staff for tracking of medication intake and processing such inquiries.

When the patient’s smart sensor on a generic blister pack becomes active, a professional caregiver or a relative may track the process of taking the medication in the healthcare messaging mobile application. Pills may have 4 statuses: taken, untaken, taken not on time and missed.

It will allow seeing the actual state (missed doses, last medication intake) and specification of the chosen day. The application has a history timeline that allows seeing time in which the pills were taken, and indicates ‘too early’ or ‘too late’. If the time of medication intakes is skipped, a caregiver will be able to see it on the timeline. Also, it is possible to edit the info of users under the care and suspend the tracking.

The application was required to operate both on iOS and Android platforms. To fulfill this demand, the XB Software team selected PhoneGap technology.

The healthcare messaging application was built using the standard skins of Webix JavaScript UI library. Using Webix components allowed visualizing and managing information about pharmacy’s clients, managing timeframe and creating informative reports.

The function of storing and retrieving data about all persons under care (ID, name, surname, address, contacts, caregiver’s name, surname, address, contacts, last login, password reset, pharmacist’s name), about status of device (active, inactive, disconnected, error) was implemented using Microsoft SQL Server.

The backend was developed on IBM Bluemix system with Node.js and Cloudant NoSQL database.

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Project in Figures


Applied Technologies



XB Software development team built an interactive and user-friendly medical secure messaging application that gives a family member or a professional caregiver an ability to see when the medication has been taken and receive notifications if they are missed.

The healthcare application allows:

  • editing the profiles of the people under care
  • updating the info of status of medications intakes
  • receiving the reports.
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