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Real Time Messaging Application

An easy-to-use mobile application for real time messaging. The messenger allows users to follow the selected topics, read news in the preferred channels or social networks and communicate in real time. It provides quick, handy and simple text messaging (chatting) between the users.

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Real Time Messaging App

Business Challenge

In our high-speed world, people need to exchange messages faster to speed up problem solving and be responsive to any changes of business environment or in everyday life. We learn and discover a great amount of information from different resources, social networks, and channels. The real time text messaging chat should have been created to help users to keep the track of events and the latest news. The messaging system should combine the best features of social networks and charts (music, films, etc), and help people to communicate with each other faster and more efficiently.

The client requested to develop an easy-to-use, simple and flexible mobile text messaging chat application that allows users to share information and communicate in real time, create and change profiles in social networks and popular channels. The core functionality should include real-time monitoring of the news updates and useful information in the selected channels. Moreover, the app should be convenient, intuitive and user-friendly.

Real Time Messaging App Real Time Messaging App


XB Software development team was asked to build a user-friendly and interactive mobile messaging app to allow communication in real time. Another feature of the messenger should include the creation of switch function to move between different views and tabs. Users should be given a permission to update and edit their profiles and set channel preferences.

The real time text messaging system was required to be developed in accordance with the latest technological trends, and operate on all existing mobile platforms. To fulfill this demand XB Software team selected PhoneGap technology which maximizes application performance while minimizing production time. Moreover, this technology allowed to get faster debug and build cycles.

The mobile real time messaging app should provide for the option of multiple communications in the chat, and allow users to create and view others profiles. WebSockets technology was used to permit collaborative work of multiple users and enable real-time updates.

We used HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and JQuery framework to build a modern look and feel of the application and make it responsive both on the small and wide screens. The front-end was implemented using HTML5 and CSS, which helped create an eye-catching design and make a complete and interactive the real time messaging app.

Real Time Messaging App Real Time Messaging App

10 months

Estimated man-hours

1 500

Applied Technologies



XB Software developers built an interactive and user-friendly messaging service that provides real time communication and news updates. The messenger allows monitoring the selected channels, social news, and discussion websites.  Every user can easily edit his/her personal profile, update the info or view others opened profiles.

The real time messaging app simplifies the communication and allows keeping the track of news and events.


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