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Testing of Workforce and Facility Management Suite

Multifunction application to administer workflow in companies that provide social services, starting from contracts creation, staff time management and completing with reports on working hours and implemented work using mobile devices.

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

Our QA team was challenged to perform app functional testing, create test documentation for the project and conduct app testing on mobile devices. Besides, we needed to imitate users using NFC tags as well as conduct stress testing to emulate a large number of system users both on PCs and mobile devices.

We conducted UI and usability testing to improve the use of an app by company’s employees and customers. Our QA engineers tested docs testing and helped a lot in the design of program components in cooperation with the client and business analysts. Another challenge was to do end-user market research and cross browser and mobile testing to reach out more users. The customer required a detailed report on performance testing for each sprint and data visualization.

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Project in Figures

Provided documents and reports
  • Test plan
  • Web service check list
  • Mobile check list
  • Test cases
  • Use cases
  • Test reports
  • Recommendations on improvement for each sprint

Project in Figures

Team engaged
  • 1 QA lead engineer
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 1 business analyst
  • 900 man-hours
Tools and Platforms
  • Tools: XBtrack, Google Docs, JMeter
  • Platforms: Windows, Android,  iOS
Project Type
  • Web service and mobile application

Testing Results

Multi-user app to manage a variety of companies and specialists.

Handy and intuitive interface.

An app working flawlessly for many years and enjoying high reputation in its field

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