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Cross Browser and Cross Platform Testing

cross browser software testing

To test app or site performance in different browsers and platforms, we conduct cross browser testing and cross platform testing accordingly. As a rule, a web app or website does not work the same in different web browsers. It depends on the version of an app under testing, different behavior of an app/site on desktop and mobile devices, as well as different environment.


We conduct testing on all modern web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer, etc.

We also test on platforms, specified by the customer, using both manual and automated testing methods.


For automated testing we use a virtual machine with different environments to test app/site performance in different versions of one browser. We also use specialized online services and tools to test an app/site on different devices.
It is not enough to do only automated testing because it doesn’t allow thorough verification of user interaction with an app/site. That’s why we also test apps and sites manually, imitating users’ actions. It helps detect cross browsers defects in the interface.

If you’d like to test how your site or app works in different web browsers and on different platforms, we recommend you to determine beforehand the browsers (including the main browser) where testing should be done.
Browser selection is predetermined by your target audience and region. For example, if your target audience is in Russia, it is necessary to test whether your product supports Opera. If the target audience is in USA or Western Europe, testing in Opera is not required because it is not popular in these regions. In case you need assistance in understanding, which browsers should be selected for testing, our QA team is always ready to help.

While conducting cross browser and multi platform tests, we check out an app or site layout, which includes testing whether design elements are placed where you want them and fonts and colours are displayed correctly on a page. We also test whatever JavaScript is on the page.

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