Game and Desktop Application Testing

game testing

Game Testing is probably one of the most interesting part of our work. Our QA team offers testing of games of various genres for different playstations and platforms, such as XBox, Playstation, Nintendo Wii and PC platforms. We test mobile, web browser and desktop games.

First of all, we test functionality, content and a gameplay. We verify a huge number of combinations for each creature in the game, the quality of animation, graphics, sound and text in the corresponding localization.

We carry out smoke tests of each build to check the main game functionality.

Game testing is divided into three parts:

  • internal testing
  • closed beta testing
  • open beta testing

All bugs revealed during testing are entered into the bugtracking system.

Internal testing is done by our dedicated testing team.

For the closed beta testing we open a public server, create a forum and give out user accounts (we attract up to 1000 players).

For open beta testing we use a more powerful server to attract a greater nubmer of players.

Desktop application testing is another line our QA team is proficient in. Desktop apps represent powerful programs that require an operator, certain hardware, and that work stand-alone from other programs. As a rule, desktop applications are developed under certain environment. That’s why we use serveral computors of different configurations to test them.

Besides a standard set of tests we also test hardware and software compatibility.

Dedicated QA team is ready to perform free trial testing, including functional testing, mobile testing, stress testing, SEO testing, usability testing, security audit. See trial testing terms.

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