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Prototype Testing

prototype testing

Сreating a prototype and testing it with your target group is the best way to evaluate a new project and find out whether it will be successful as a commercial product.

Prototype testing allows studying the project under development in detail in an early stage of work and make corrections in accordance with the set goals.

This type of testing ensures product flawless operation after its release.

Prototype testing saves your time and money for product development.

Introduction of testing during prototyping allows saving costs and time due to thorough testing of the project from the very beginning, with all specification details considered.

Quality testing of a prototype is crucial for small projects developed using waterfall model. Even minor non-compliances with requirements can cause additional costs.

Besides, undetected and uncounted bugs at the initial stages of development can have a negative impact on your product in future.

Why choose our QA team for prototype testing?

  • In prototype testing we pay much attention to structural or logical errors that can cause system failure
  • While testing our QA team strictly adhere to user instructions and conduct testing in accordance with the test plan
  • When we test a prototype we compare its design structure with similar products and offer options for improvement
  • We also check out whether the working out software complies with international standards

Thanks to the expert work of our QA team, prototype testing will help calculate potential costs on each stage of project creation and decide on the most efficient development model.