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Test Automation

test automation

We follow a systematic approach to the testing process. That why in addition to manual tests, being an integral part of any type of testing, we conduct automated tests. This allows us to minimize the amount of routine work, and thus, speedify and simplify the testing process.

Test automation is, in particular, relevant for large projects with rich functionality.

Our QA team performs the following tasks within automation testing:

  • development and implementation of test automation strategy
  • comparative analysis of test automation tools
  • assessment of return on investment (ROI)
  • test scripts development and support

Testing is conducted with the use of continious integration (CI) tools. As a rule, we use TeamCity build server that provides on-the-fly tests reporting.

For test automation we use functional testing tools to compare the app to the set requirements and stress testing tools to verify and validate application performance.

We apply two approches for test automation:

  • GUI automation (app testing via graphical user interface)
  • code testing with the use of special frameworks

While testing via GUI, we emulate actions made by end-user. This allows testing not only actions a user might take with an interface but also app functionality on the whole.

To conduct code testing we use known and widely used TestNG and WebDriver frameworks. We conduct automation unit tests to scrutinize interface and business logics of an app and detect errors on the earlier stages of project development.