Widespread technology has drastically changed the way customers interact with businesses. All that separates you from a new piece of furniture in a living room or beauty salon appointment is only a few taps in the app on your smartphone. In recent years, app development has become so affordable that even a small bakery can adopt an online and mobile application allowing you to enjoy delicious pies whenever you feel like it. But, unfortunately, with the ability to reach your customers anytime and anywhere comes great responsibility to maintain your app in appropriate condition.

App redesign is a necessity from which no company, large or small, is insured. The reasons may vary. In some cases, the initial design did not take into account the actual requirements of the clients. In others, time just took its toll, and complete redesign is caused by the inability to give the app a modern look by modernizing some separate elements. Today, we’ll consider some situations where app redesign can become a good change for your business, and investments in modernization can become a big step towards your customers.

Signs That Not Everything Is Working as Intended

In most cases, when you make a decision to adopt a mobile or web app, you can rely on the expertise of a custom web application development company you decided to cooperate with. But unluckily, in the real world, not everything goes as you might imagine. Of course, the element of trust is essential, but sometimes you can face unscrupulous software developers leading to a situation when the whole UI/UX design of your app will require a complete redesign. Besides, time spares no one, and yesterday’s best app on the market may require some fundamental changes tomorrow. However, if you find that one of the following issues applies to your business, you should probably consider app redesign.

Your App Don’t Help Customers With Their Problems

Business is all about solving problems. When somebody faces the desire to eat some delicious food or their car makes some strange noises, one of the most obvious decisions is finding a local business that deals with such things. The app’s primary purpose in such cases is to shorten the path from problem detection to solution as much as possible.

If your app doesn’t satisfy this requirement, probably it’s time for some changes and redesign. Of course, the reason for customer dissatisfaction may vary, and in most cases, their feedback is the most valuable source of detecting the problematic points. For example, maybe your app has too many UI elements, and users can’t find what they need as fast as they want. Or the searching feature doesn’t work as expected, so users can’t quickly find what they need and have to wander through product categories for a long time. In any case, your app’s rating and negative reviews from the users can become an essential part of future changes.

You Receive Bad Metrics

Like any of your employees, your app does some work, and metrics indicate how good or bad it’s doing it. Each element of your app functionality can be measured and compared to the desired indicators so that you can estimate how well your investment is paying off and if there’s a redesign necessity. In addition, user retention can show if people continue to use your app after some time or not. It’s vital to attract new customers with eye-catching design, but if your app doesn’t invest in customers’ problem solving, they, most likely, won’t want to keep it on their smartphones.

Another metric signaling the need for app redesign is lousy adoption. It shows how many users return to your app after trying it for the first time. In the vast majority of cases, bad UX is the primary reason for bad adoption. If it takes too long to find a specific app element among its multiple pages, you have to make some changes and consider a redesign. The last metric we’ll consider is conversions that reflect the number of app users who ended up buying some products or services you provide. To change this element of your app performance for the best, you can, for example, analyze the average user’s journey through your app to determine possible reasons that cause the frustration and fix the issue with some redesign activities.

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Your App Has Outdated Design

Many people love vintage stuff. Unfortunately, in the case of business apps, the dust of the times adds no value. The world is changing rapidly, and design principles are no exception to that rule. Shiny colourful UI elements gave way to minimalist design. Therefore, if your app is replete with various colours and elements worthy of a peacock’s tail, probably it’s an excellent time to redesign it. Remember that customers tend to correlate bad design with poor quality of service. After all, if you do not spare their eyes, why would you spare their wallets and provide good services at a reasonable price?

You’re Planning Company Rebranding

It can sometimes be helpful to freshen up and shake things up. A simple change of logo sometimes can make your company more recognizable and attract a new audience. It’s important to remember that your app is as essential an element of your company brand as your motto or logo. Considering the fact that in the digital era, customers will most likely use your app than visit your office, precisely the application should become a conductor of your company refreshen concept. The app should reflect the changes in how you provide your goods and services, so its redesign is a must.

You Have a Brilliant New Idea

Our brightest thoughts do not always visit us at the right time. During the initial discussion of the project with the software development company, you may not consider some essential elements of your future business strategy. After the app launch, you may think of some new functionalities that reshape the current ones entirely and require redesign.

For example, you may decide to turn your online food delivery app into a cooking training app that includes the delivery of missing ingredients to the user’s home as one of its features. In such a case, you have to change the app’s focus from timely delivery to tracking user success, adaptive learning program, and incentive system of achievements. In this scenario, you can’t achieve success by changing some elements of your app that don’t affect the whole picture and should consider redesign instead.

Your App Has UX Flaws That Make Users Unhappy

It’s barely possible to win user acceptance if your software developer has poor experience providing UI/UX services. An attractive app with an eye-catching design can become useless if users face confusion while searching for a specific element on the screen. Different people see things differently, so it’s important not to let your vision of the product overweigh the common sense and make the app too innovative at the expense of usability.

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Your noble desire to show users everything your company has to offer in one screen can lead to a UI overloaded with elements, among which it isn’t easy to find the one you need without a special map. The app redesign can become a life-saver if you can’t fix the situation by reordering the UI elements trying to make the user’s life easier.


Your app is one of your assets, and you should treat it accordingly. For example, if you work in trucking, you probably don’t want one of your vehicles to become useless one day due to lack of maintenance and obsolescence of spare parts. The app that your business relies upon can as well become inoperable due to lack of your attention.

Poor UX or obsolete design can turn users away from your company and cost you significantly if you overlook the need for changes at the right time. The good news is that there are efficient ways of monitoring your app state to determine if there’s the need to redesign some of its elements. In addition, keeping your eye on important metrics and paying attention to customer feedback can save you from unnecessary headaches.

If you think that one of the described cases concerns your business and redesign can help you, feel free to contact us.