A good application is like a well-oiled machine, each part of which is in its place and works flawlessly. In the case of a software system, instead of combining gears and springs, developers use programming languages, libraries, and frameworks. Choosing the right tech stack (a combination of tools for implementing your software idea) is the guarantee that your app will work according to your expectations, won’t disappoint the users, and won’t require many hours of rework in the future. It’s important to remember that a specific technology is designed to solve a particular problem. Therefore, you have to choose your tech stack according to the peculiarities of your business.

At the moment, Vue.js is one of the most popular frameworks for building user interfaces. Its performance, ease of use, scalability, and many other advantages explain its ever-increasing popularity. But, as it has been said, each tool has its own application area, which leads to some limitations. In this article, we’ll briefly discuss the main advantages of Vue.js development and also talk about Webix, a JavaScript UI library that can become an excellent alternative to Vue.

When Choosing Webix is a Good Option

Let’s start with a description of Vue.js and Webix to outline their main features.

Vue.js is a relatively young technology that was released in 2014. It uses separated HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, which corresponds to a traditional way of creating stuff for the web. Just like React JavaScript, Vue.js can use JSX, a syntax extension to JavaScript. One of the main advantages of Vue is that this framework doesn’t force developers to change their coding habits, and the overall approach to coding is similar to the major JavaScript frameworks. To free new developers from the need to beat the steep learning curve, Vue.js creators provide well-written, detailed, and structured documentation covering every critical topic.

One of the main advantages of Vue.js is its flexibility which allows developers to use a set of pretty basic features to build full-featured web applications. A wide variety of development tools such as Vuex for state management, Vue Router for app URL management, or Vue Server-Side Renderer help to build complex solutions with minimum efforts. The use of the state management mechanisms implemented by Vue.js developers allows creating apps that, in most cases, require less memory and run faster than React-based apps. The component-based flow of Vue.js enables simple customization.

The Webix UI library is a JavaScript library and framework, and one of its primary purposes is to help developers do more with less code. Webix allows using more than 100 full-functional ready-to-use widgets such as complex widgets (File Manager, Kanban, Pivot, etc.), data widgets, widgets for data visualization (dozens of charts and graphs), navigation widgets (menus, sidebars, and other components), windows and popups, layout widgets, and more.

Both of the described options look really great, and it may be hard to prefer one or another. Unfortunately, picking a UI framework without understanding its strong and weak sides may lead to unpleasant consequences. To help you understand better when Vue.js is not the best choice, we’ll share some scenarios.

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When You Plan to Build Something Large

Flexible development tools are great, but sometimes we face such a thing as over-flexibility, and Vue.js is one of the examples. In large projects, with many developers involved, the over-flexibility of Vue can become a source of errors and unwanted complications. A relatively new language that doesn’t have a large community of active programmers requires some time to get corporate backing which can make a difference over time.

To better understand what kind of solutions you can build with Webix, you can check the results of building this ERP system for construction supervision and project management. Also, there are dozens of other examples in our portfolio.

When You Plan to Build a Long-playing Project

A relatively small number of active developers involve some other issues to keep in mind. Vue.js is still a new technology that is evolving very fast and is not as famous as React or Angular, for example. A relatively small community’s interest may switch to another technology, resulting in slower development or even stagnation. The issue isn’t relevant for React, for example, since Facebook is actively investing in this technology. On the other hand, with Vue.js you risk facing a lack of new features or support from the developers’ side, which can affect your app and decrease customer satisfaction.

When You Don’t Want to Face a Shortage of Experienced Developers Over Time

There aren’t as many experienced Vue.js developers as you may wish. The technology is new, and it is frequently updating, which is not always a good thing since even skilled programmers have to spend some time exploring Vue’s possibilities to get the most of it. If you decide to add new functionality in your Vue-based app or fix some problems, it may turn out that it’s not so easy to find a specialist with the required experience.

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You Want to Work With People Who Know What They’re Doing

By choosing Webix, you get a unique opportunity to hire the people who created and actively support it. Our programmers know everything about Webix and can use this knowledge to create software solutions of any complexity. With more than eight years of experience in the market of UI libraries, 150+ completed projects, and more than 10,000 active users from all over the world, we have enough expertise to guarantee the excellent quality of our Webix applications.


Vue.js is one of the most rapidly growing JavaScript libraries both in terms of functionality and fanbase. This outstanding technology allows the creation of exceptional web apps, but it has its limitations and weak sides like any other tool. Webix is one of the alternatives for building user interfaces of web apps that, in some cases, can become a more suitable tool than Vue. It helps to save time and money on web app development without decreasing the final solution’s overall quality. This library will be an excellent choice for companies that want to save time and money and receive market recognition as fast as possible.

If you want to learn more about Webix and how its features can yield benefits to your business, please contact us.