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Automated Workforce Management and Scheduling System

A workforce management system for companies that focus on high volume staffing. This web-based workforce management software is an example of a flexible scheduling tool that can be used by both small and large teams. The system helps to make the management of a complex workforce easier and more efficient.

workforce management system

Business Challenge

Staffing brings dozens of specific challenges that are barely possible to overcome without a properly made workforce management software system. For example, when you start a workforce recruitment business from scratch, one of the most significant issues is the absence of a candidates’ database and a software system that supports searching and sorting of the available records. Also, the number of candidates to review can be incredibly large, so reviewing CVs and managing interview appointments manually can become a real time-waster.

Our app modernization team was asked to update the front-end part of a workforce management system for a staffing company. The primary requirement was to create a fully-featured and easy-to-use software system for efficient scheduling. The app should support drag-and-drop, provide templates, advanced filtering and search features. To streamline the workforce management process, the software system should improve collaboration within the company by providing employees with convenient and reliable communication channels. Smart recruitment functionality should allow automation of routine workforce-related tasks such as interview appointments.

workforce management system


XB Software’s development team has re-developed the front-end part of the existing workforce management system and updated the back-end functionality. Broad expertise in scheduling systems allowed our company to provide the customer with a comprehensive software solution for quick and effortless workforce management. The staff scheduling system we created has an intuitive user interface and eliminates booking errors. It provides the following core features:

  • shift templates
  • drag-and-drop support
  • advanced staff search
  • smart recruitment

Quick Fill AI significantly simplifies workforce management and automatically schedules the staff members who are best suited for performing a specific task. To manage costs efficiently and always be aware of the state of the budget, managers can use a built-in live budget analysis feature.

The workforce management system takes care not only of employers but of staff members as well. The staff portal allows employees to review their current schedule and confirm availability. To help employees remain mobile, our developers made the staff portal accessible from any device. To simplify financial reporting, managers can use its comprehensive reporting system.

workforce management system

2 years

Estimated Working Hours


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Our Role in the Client’s Success

Our web application development team has delivered an updated, neat, and user-friendly UI that replaces an obsolete workforce management software system which significantly simplifies the scheduling process. It handles group emails, staff portal, holiday requests, and other features which improve communication and mutual understanding within the company. Our workforce management software solution enables users to:

  • automate workforce management activities
  • simplify communication between managers and workers
  • achieve faster billing and payroll


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