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XB Software front end developers create beautiful interactive websites with responsive web
designs that run perfectly on any screens.

Why It Is Vital To Have A Responsive App

Nowadays it is hard to find a user without a mobile device or even multiple devices connected to the Internet. Actually, there are more mobile devices than people on the earth and they multiply 5 times faster than people do.

The number of mobile users exceeds that of desktop adherents and their number constantly grows. That’s why it is important to build sites that are suitable for all users, both desktop and mobile. The best solution is responsive web designs (RWD).

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

Super Flexibility

Responsive web designs are very fluid and allow the content to move freely across the screen, retaining its appearance on all devices.

Better Performance

Responsive web designs provide better user experience, enabling users to consume site content on any device anytime. No scrolling or resizing is required to view the site from your favourable device.

Cost Effectiveness

Responsive web apps look equally great on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. Creating responsive designs saves time and money on development because there is no need to develop and maintain several versions of one and the same site (for example, for desktop and mobile devices separately).

Improved SEO

When you have two separate versions (desktop and mobile) of your site, you have to perform separate SEO campaigns. Managing one SEO campaign is much easier.

Recommended by Google

A site rankings in Google depend greatly on your site responsiveness. Google likes it and considers the use of responsive web designs to be the industry best practice nowadays. It regularly verifies how your site renders on different devices and whether it is user-friendly enough.
responsive designs dev

How Does It Work?

  • One site URL
  • Single content
  • One HTML code
  • CSS media queries
  • One development – multiple devices

Key Features of Responsive Web Design

  • Flexible grids
  • Flexible images

Our Responsive Web Design Process

  • 1 We'll do the research by talking with you and gathering your expectations about the project
  • 2 We'll determine your site goals, evaluate technical requirements and conduct content audit
  • 3 We'll create website wireframes with as many templates as needed
  • 4 We'll visualize your future site by building HTML-based prototypes
  • 5 Our developers and designers will jointly finalize the design in HTML and CSS
  • 6 We'll code responsive templates prioritizing mobile content and establishing how the design should respond as the browser width increases
  • 7 We'll integrate the templates into any CMS you like
  • 8 Our dedicated QA team will accurately test how your site operates on different devices and browsers
  • 9 Well launch your site and will take care of its maintenance, when required

The Key Technologies We Use

key web design technologies

The use of these technologies allow us to craft exclusive apps with flexible layouts, media queries and flexible media.

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