Nowadays it is hard to find a person who has not used mobile apps. Currently, the amount of apps on the market is enormous, and it is growing in an exponential manner, which makes the market extremely overheated. In a highly competitive environment companies which have mobile applications bend over backwards to win the hearts of users and provide the best user experience. To do that they are constantly looking for ways to improve the apps, make them more intuitive and user-friendly.

The emergence of proressive web apps has alleviated this challenging task. More and more companies use web app development services and invest in the creation of PWAs due to the wide range of benefits they gain in return. In the article we compartmentalize the facts about progressive web apps and discuss why a company should introduce one into its business.

Progressive Web App (PWA) Quick Overview

Progressive web app is a browser-based application, which looks and works like a native app. In a browser PWA looks like a website, but interacts with a user like a traditional application. Unlike a native app, progressive web application does not require downloading from an App Store or Play Market and further installation. But meanwhile its functionality allows to add an icon to any device’s home screen and also send push-notifications. PWA is the kind of application which is:

  • Reliable. The content is displayed regardless of the Internet connection quality and even its availability in general.
  • Fast. Data exchange process is incredibly fast, which makes web pages download in a blink of an eye. UI is seamless and responsive.
  • Engaging. Provides good user experience, which makes customers utilize the application over and over again.
  • Responsive. PWA is able to adapt to any screen size, so it can be used on a smartphone, laptop or tablet.

If we consider the progressive web application architecture, it is quite similar to the native mobile apps. The core resemblance consists in the thing, that all main resources may be stored on the client server when the changing content will be transferred across the network, which increases the web app efficiency significantly. Basically, a browser is used as a virtual device which stores and powers the progressive web application.

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Why is PWA a Reasonable Choice?

PWA possesses indisputable advantages for users. It works fast and downloading time does not exceed a second even if the Internet connection is unstable or is absent at all. It requires less hardware resources, provides the best user experience and is available literally in one click. The list of PWA’s strong points beloved by users is quite extensive, so It is possible to sing the praises of an application for a long time. But besides the benefits progressive web apps are able to bring to those who directly use an app, it is also beneficial for a business it belongs to. Below is the list of reasons why business should consider PWA as a working tool for its further development:

  • User Retention Rate
    How do you feel if a web page’s download time is slow and annoying? Most likely you will not have any bright feelings and will leave the page without waiting for the appearance of needed information and will not use the application again. The majority of users would do the same, since there are very few people who love to waste time. And with those who leave your page prematurely, you miss the chance to gain the profit.
    Since progressive web applications are very fast, the downloading problem will be eliminated. Your potential customers will have better experience with your app and more likely will use it not once in future.
  • Audience Reach
    Some use only desktops, some prefer smartphones, and some will never replace a tablet for another device. All people are different, and therefore their preferences also vary. That is the reason why it’s better to do the research and opt for a unique solution, to reach a wider audience and acquire as many customers as possible.
    PWAs are cross-platform applications. It means that no matter what kind of device your user prefers, your application will function flawlessly on any.
  • Conversion Rate Increase
    It is not infrequently that users visit an application but do not proceed with any targeted actions. The reasons for such a user’s behaviour may vary: from slowly downloading web pages to unexpectedly missing Internet connection. It is logical to assume that in both cases a user will not visit an application again and what is more proceed with some actions on it.
    Owing to high speed and availability of progressive web apps without the Internet you have a chance to deliver a better user experience to your potential customers. Say, a person goes to work using the subway and meanwhile looks through the goods on your application. When the Internet connection is interrupted, he or she still has a possibility to look through the goods with no loss of downloading speed and add the products to the shopping cart. When the Internet connection is restored, a client can place an order and proceed with payment.
  • Development and Maintenance Cost
    In case you decide in favour of the native web application, you should be prepared for significant time and money expenditures because of the necessity to build separate versions for at least iOS and Android platforms. Moreover, development of these versions is not everything, they require further maintenance and updating which entails additional expenses.
    Progressive web app development requires much less time and money. You can have one single codebase for different types of platforms, which eliminates the need to spend the resources for creation of multiple versions.

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  • SEO-friendliness
    How to let your potential customers know that your web application exists? Via Google of course! Native applications can be found only in an app store and therefore not indexed which makes “mission impossible” to find them via search engines.
    Unlike a native application, progressive web application can be perfectly indexed, since it has the same principles of functioning as a website. Owing to the increase of the organic traffic, it will have better SEO ranking, which will make your app more visible and therefore attract new users.


Fighting for the hearts of users will never be easy in the current circumstances of the overheated market. That is why businesses invest more resources to provide the best user experience. PWA technology can be of great help here since it contains exactly those features so valued by end-users. Business in its turn, gains more profit if a client is happy and intends to use an application on a regular basis.

If you are firmly determined to improve your user experience and have no idea where to start, please contact us, our team will provide you with consultation and will help to select the solution that suits you best.