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Testing of Information Service for Hotel Business

The information service that tracks demand and supply in the hotel sphere, providing thereupon analytical and statistical data on the hotel work. Based upon these reports the owners or managers of hotels can understand the trends of the past periods and market forecasts better. These reports also help  them analyse the evolution of demand and supply  in the hotel sphere.

testing of information service

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

We had to take into account the specifics of work in a Scrum-team. That is work with prototypes, fast response to changes, customer-focus.

Difficult business logic, work with a huge amount of information, calculation of statistical data demanded the creation of test cases to cover of all possible options of the app use.

The testers team had to prepare the app for beta release and later versions of the operating program.

hotel service testing
Provided documents and reports:
  • Check list
  • Test cases
  • Test reports
Team engaged

1 QA engineer


2000 man-hours before beta version was  launched, and 2000 man-hours during development

Project type

web service

Tools and Platforms


case study in hotel business

Testing results

User-friendly and intuitive interface. Crossbrowser app