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Requirements Testing

requirements testing

Requirements testing is done to clarify whether project requirements are feasible or not in terms of time, resources and budget.

Many bugs emerge in software because of incompleteness, inaccuracy and ambiguities in functional requirements.

That’s why it is highly important to test requirements and eliminate ambiguities before you start to develop a project.

This type of testing covers testing of requirements specification that describes:

  • project functionality
  • user interface
  • software and hardware interfaces
  • performance criteria
  • implementation issues and risks
  • security and system correctness criteria

Requirements testing also includes help in gathering and analysis of user data and their domain. This procedure is required to research UI usability, creation of profiles, finalizing documentation and, on the whole, facilitates design process.

This procedure helps improve requirements quality and reduce the number of tests necessary to meet these requirements.

First of all, our QA team gathers and analyzes requirements to find out what technology will be used to build the project, who this project is designed for and the project goal.

We also discover missing requirements to make sure the information we gathered is consistent, clear and covers every aspect of software under development.

Then we create test cases on the basis of the requirement measurements and perform them to make sure that the system under test operates in accordance with the set requirements.

For example, you’d like to have system response time of 2 seconds – that is your requirement measurement. All of such requirement measurements are passed through tests and then evaluated.

We also take part in review meetings, and in case any new requirements appear or any changes are made to the set requirements, we track them in an issue tracking system.

Finally, when all requirements are tested and the client is satisfied with the results and signs the requirements document, we freeze the requirements for design phase.