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Get your own scheduling/booking system built and customized to your needs using the
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XB Software is a sophisticated and reliable custom software development provider that creates different multi-featured booking and scheduling systems. Our development team can add and integrate a robust schedule management feature to your existing enterprise resource planning software to make planning your meetings and monitoring your deadlines so much easier. The solutions we develop will help you not only manage your time more effectively and efficiently but will also set your business up for success.

Scheduling business activities can be irritating when you can’t effortlessly plan or view a weekly, daily, or even monthly agenda. Moreover, if your customers have no simple way of booking your services, you can lose valuable business, profits and market position.

What is an Online Booking System?

An online booking system is a software solution that allows businesses to provide fast access of their services to their potential customers. It allows reserving and paying for an activity or service through your website, or through social networks, and mobile phones. Wherever your customers are, they can receive a service through an online booking software and at any time.

A booking system developed to your needs will simplify and improve your customer service, and will allow visualizing and assessing the workload through optimizing processes and operations.

Scheduling Software Development

Appointment scheduling software allows businesses to manage appointments and bookings, manage their clientele and set reminders. It also allows managing payments for products and services online, scheduling events, meetings, and receiving/setting up automated alerts and reminders. This type of software is also known as appointment scheduling software and online booking software.

The use of scheduling software will save you time and money, reduce expenses for paperwork and minimize scheduling costs through increased productivity and efficiency.

Scheduling Software Development

We Build Online Scheduling/Booking Systems For

Resource and staff management tools
Financial systems and budgeting tools
Educational process management
Events, webinars, conference room booking
Healthcare management
Rooms, venues, and resource booking
Car rental and hotel reservation
Leisure, health, and fitness membership scheduling
Administration portals
Event calendar, office meeting rooms, online appointment scheduling

Core Industries

Financial Services
Financial Services

Core Benefits Of Using Client-Specific Online Scheduling/Booking Software

Increased accuracy and security of data
Faster response to customer requirements
Data accessibility in real-time
Efficient communication across business units
Availability check and instant confirmations of booking or reservation
Web accessibility: WAI-ARIA support, high-contrast themes, keyboard navigation
Convenient update of your services information (prices, available rooms, tickets, time) directly on your website
Integration with other services and components: Google calendar, Google maps, etc.
Facilitated daily management

The Key Features We Can Add To Your Booking System

Multiple resource views
resource views
Group scheduling
Group scheduling
Automated alerts
Automated alerts
or reminders
Workforce management
Export to Pdf/iCal
Export to Pdf/iCal
Visitor management
Visitor management
Time and attendance tracking
Time and attendance
Managing availability
Managing availability,
shifts, shift trading,
vacations or leaves,
sick days, holidays
Automated appointment
or shift scheduling
Google Calendar
with Google Calendar

The Key Services We Provide

Application maintenance and support
Third party calendar libraries customization
Backup & disaster recovery
Third party integrations
Quality assurance
Shift scheduling
Feature-driven development of schedulers and booking calendars by applying own UI library widgets
Migrations and upgrades of analytics and reports

Our skilled development team has significant experience in designing and developing apps for scheduling, booking, planning, and others to confront any type of business challenge. We have helped various companies with diverse goals and requirements to solve their problems and improve their business processes.

Administration portal for call centers
Car rental calendars
Hotel booking systems
Analytical dashboarding platforms
Tools for generating reports
Tools for managing financial operations
Online scheduling solutions for different types of companies

Scheduling and Booking Software We Have Created

Why Choose XB Software Team

Experts in Webix and other JavaScript UI Libraries development

We have 9+ years’ experience in the development and customization of web and mobile applications using the Webix Mobile Scheduler, .NET libraries, and popular JavaScript UI widgets. Our team is facilitating online scheduling systems for our clients from different industries.

Expertise in client-specific scheduling/booking software

We develop robust and user-friendly apps with different options for services, fees, and scheduling options. You can always choose the system and features that you want.

Customization of ERP systems

We’re always looking at ways we can help you to grow your business as our customer. We’ve gained huge experience in web development and know how to automate your business processes based on specific criteria.

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