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Testing of Employee Planning System

The customized application for planning of personnel working hours. It helps managers and heads of departments allocate theirs and their employees’ working hours depending on the production needs.

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Challenges Faced by the QA Team

Due to the large number of company’s personnel and the variety of system requirements to crossbrowser and crossplatfrom support, the application had to be tested in a large number of environments. Complicated business logic of the app, including implementation of inquiries from different subordinates to their heads, and a big set of various statuses and events, demanded creation user cases and miscellaneous tests to cover all possible options of the app use.

We tested the app interface and its usability to reduce the threshold for companies’ employees and users.

Based on customer’s requirements and their comparison to reality,our QA team made valuable suggestions on how to improve user-friendliness of the app interface and its usability for users.

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Provided documents and reports:
  • Test plan
  • Check list for web service
  • Check list for mobile app
  • Use cases
  • Test reports
  • Recommendations on improvements based upon each sprint
Team engaged

1 QA team leader, 2 QA engineers, 1 business analyst


2000 man-hours

Project type

Web service

Tools and Platforms

Tools: XBtrack, Google Docs, vmware

Platforms: Windows, Android, iOS

employee management online

Testing results

High load app with crossbrowser support. Simple and ituitive interface.