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Testing of Data Storage Application Of High Performance

Online system that provides access to the macro- and micro-economic data on developed and emerging markets. It is intended for analysts, consultants, economists, managers, as well as research institutions, investment banks and other entities and individuals who need to conduct researches efficiently and perform data analysis.

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

The main challenge for QA department was automation of functional and GUI tests to verify large volumes of statistical data and export Excel files. Additionally, autotests covered the critical test cases of the application. To test stability under heavy load stress tests were carried out. QA had a task to continuously monitor application performance and service availability from any place. Security testing was necessary to carry out at the end of each release sprint, along with verification of the critical path and GUI functionality of the whole app. In addition, it became necessary to validate product localization.

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Project in Figures

Types of software testing
Provided documents and reports
  • Bug report
  • Testing checklist
  • Developed test cases
  • Functional testing scenarios
  • Usability recommendations
  • Test plan
  • Test report
  • Daily automation test reports
  • Security test reports
  • Daily performance test reports
  • Sprint reports

Project in Figures

Team engaged
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 7000 man-hours
Tools and Platforms
  • Tools: Jira, Google Docs, Java, WebDriver, jmeter
  • Platforms: Windows, iOS
  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE11, Firefox, Edge
Project Type
  • Web application

Testing Results

To conduct automated tests in full, a separate server was started to run and pass tests, which helped to detect bugs in a timely manner and see the actual status of

the product for both developers and customers.
Performance and load testing helped to identify weaknesses in the application, which resulted in fast and stable operation of the service.
The results of all types of testing depending on the type and form are recorded in the bug-tracking system and are presented as comprehensive reports for customers and developers.

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