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Localization and Internationalization Testing


Localization testing allows checking out how well the product is adapted to the needs and culture of a certain target audience. As a rule, cultural and language aspects are considered here, in particular translation of the user interface and corresponding documentation and files to another language, as well as formats of currencies, numbers, time and phone numbers, etc.

Our highly qualified specialists will perform the localization of Russian, English, German, French, Italian and other versions of your products.

Our team includes professional linguists and QA engineers who work in strong cooperation to identify errors in localization.

Localization testing includes proofreading of the translated content, various elements of the interface, errors and system messages, verification of FAQ/Help section and complementary documentation.

The purpose of the carried out testing is to check the multilingual application or site interface for mistranslations, correctness of postal addresses, names and surnames, currencies, date and time formats, and so forth.

As a rule, we don’t test spelling and grammatical errors.

The localization cheklist includes:

  • Defining languages supported by the app
  • Proofreading for compliance with the subject of the app
  • Proofreading interface elements of the app
  • Proofreading FAQ/Help section and complementary documentation

Internationalization testing represents designing and creating of a product and its documentation with the use of techniques that simplify localization of the app.
It includes:

  • Product creation with regard to Unicode coding standard that supports practically all world languages
  • Adding a possibility to support all elements of the app, which can’t be localized in a common way (for example, vertically located hieroglyphs or writing of Arab sentences from right to left)
  • Product creation with a possiblity to support new locales when needed. It allows avoiding problems with product integration for other countries, with a different culture.