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Testing of Social Media Marketing Tool

A social media marketing tool that lets companies post on multiple social media networks at once. Today the app is an official partner of 10 social media networks. More than 50.000 social media marketing managers take advantage of this app smart content planning features and rich social media analytics. The app can help a team to organize the workspace and an ability to track individual and team progress.

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

The media marketing app was built using Scrum framework. It was impossible to plan and create stable software testing documentation at the initial stage of development. Therefore, it was necessary to implement QA engineer into the development team.

The QA engineer was challenged to run functional testing and UX/UI testing to check app operation. Moreover, the QA engineers had a task to check the operational stability of pre-release versions and make recommendations on how to improve the main features of the app.

Due to the great coverage of the users, the main task was to conduct exploratory testing to find complex logic and non-trivial bugs. The result of this test should be a report about the quality of the product being tested. Moreover, the app should support different browsers and platforms.

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Project in Figures

Types of software testing
Provided documents and reports
  • Bug-report
  • Testing checklist
  • Functional testing scenarios
  • Usability recommendations
  • Testing product report
  • Recommendations on improvements based upon each sprint
  • Security test report

Project in Figures

Team engaged

2 QA engineers

  • 2 700 man-hours
Tools and Platforms
  • Tools: Jira, Google Docs
  • Platforms: Windows, IOs
  • Browsers: Chrome, Safari, IE11, Firefox, Edge, Opera
Project Type
  • Web application

Testing Results

At the initial stages, a lot of UI recommendations were made, and then the changes were made that helped to improve the features of the application. Solutions related to social networks operating were made directly in the core functional part of the app. Those corrections had a positive effect on application performance.

The key aspect of the cooperation QA and development team was the performance of exploratory testing helped to uncover the complex logic and non-trivial bugs.

Thanks to the fruitful teamwork of QA and development department, and due to the creation of separate servers for development, testing and a release server, the social media marketing tool had gone mainstream and received a lot of positive feedback.

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