Testing of Platform For Monitoring and Analysis of Equipment State

Testing of Platform For Monitoring and Analysis of Equipment State at Enterprises

The application is a platform that helps factory owners monitor and analyze equipment status at facilities. It allows users to receive up-to-date information on the state, control assets, conduct tests, receive warnings in the event of critical asset condition. The product consists of different modules. Its users also have different levels of rights. The application allows you to see the status of a large fleet of equipment, as well as generate a report on this.

Testing of Platform For Monitoring

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

It was decided to conduct inspection of product quality because the first several stages of product development were carried out without product testing. The quality department was tasked with testing the entire application to identify GUI and functional defects and propose recommendations for product improvement. To attract more customers, it is necessary to ensure that the application works good in the set environments by means of cross-browser/cross-platform testing. The final stage of testing was requested to conduct exploratory testing to find complex logic and non-trivial bugs. The result of this test should be a report on the quality of the product being tested.

Testing of Platform For Monitoring
Types of software testing
Provided documents and reports:
  • Check-list
  • Bug-report
  • Security test report
  • Security report
Team engaged

1 QA engineer


115 man-hours

Project type

Web application

Tools and Platforms

Tools: Google Docs, XBtrack

Platforms: Windows, MacOS, iOS

Browsers: Chrome, Safari, FireFox, IE11

Testing of Platform For Monitoring

Testing results

Since the QA engineer was involved into the project, the following results have been achieved:

  • GUI testing made it possible to identify numerous errors in the application interface
  • Functional testing revealed an error in the application logic
  • During cross-browser and cross-platform testing errors in various browsers and platforms were found
  • Exploratory testing helped to uncover the complex logic and non-trivial bugs
  • Security testing helped to identify and further eliminate critical moments in the application security