Alexandr Rayskiy, Author at XB Software

Why Should Testing Start Early in Software Project Development?


In this article, we’ll consider the main advantages of implementing QA in the early stages of the software development life cycle. The efficiency of testing as well as the possibility to reduce the overall project time and costs largely depend on how accurately you formulate the requirements to the final software product. In other words, …

The Cost of Bugs: Why You Can’t Ignore Software Testing

early testing cost

Since the complexity of the IT infrastructure increases, due to the overall number of the integrated systems, the need for software testing grows respectively. The number and the complexity of the required tests grow, which considerably slows down product release. On the other hand, almost all companies aim to reduce software release time. That’s why the extension …

The Cost of Software Testing, or What The Client Pays For

cost of software testing

The main issues the clients are excited about while ordering software testing are as follows: what types of testing should be implemented for the working out product to make sure it is of high quality, how much is each type of testing and how to track the work performed by QA department to understand what the money is paid for.