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5 Powerful JavaScript UI Tools for Efficient Salesforce Components Improvement

Salesforce modernization

Salesforce is one of the most popular CRM platforms currently available at the market. The company offers its clients a wide range of solutions able to satisfy even the most demanding users. Third-party developers can create and deliver various Salesforce components and provide various modernization services which are the key reason for such diversity. If …

How We Developed a Booking System for the Chain of Salons

Booking System for the Chain of Salons

The variety of software development tools allows creating software solutions that can automate almost any iterative business process. If you’re tired of performing the same task manually more than three times a day, there’s most probably a software solution that can free you from the need to put up with such state of affairs. Modern …

What the Hack 2018. Around the 16 Most Impressing Hacks in One Day


In November 2018, the annual What The Hack (WTH) hackathon was held at the IMAGURU Startup Hub in Minsk. The primary objective of this event stays the same during the years. The most creative developers get together and share their ideas with the audience. All teams have 44 hours to create their projects. It can …

JavaScript Application Development: Creating Cross-Device Business Apps

cross-device business applications

When the JavaScript programming language appeared in 1995, one of its primary tasks was checking the user input. Before that, this was a job for the server-side languages like Perl. The reason behind the developing this new technology was the intention to reduce the number of server requests. You can imagine how painful it was …