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Different Approaches to the Same Goal. CRM vs. ERP


The world of enterprise software can be tricky sometimes. Especially for those companies that have zero experience in adopting custom-made software solutions intended to improve and automate business processes. It may be a hard task not to get lost in all these ERPs, HRM, CRM, SCM, and other types of systems and choose the one …

Fleet Management and Logistics Trends to Keep up with in 2019

Logistics and transportation

Custom-made fleet management solutions can significantly improve the overall performance of any business that handles its own fleet vehicles. Such systems can help your organization to reduce fuel consumption, analyze the behavior of your drivers and the state of your fleet vehicles, get access to easy-to-read interactive reports, develop a strategy of future growth, and …

How Much Does ERP Software Cost: Ready-Made vs Custom Solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

ERP system's cost small

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can significantly enhance all aspects of your business. While it may seem that the only one reasonable solutions are to choose one of the off-the-shelf solutions provided by such industry titans as SAP or Oracle, there’s another option worthy of mentioning. Custom ERP software has significant advantages in making this option …

The Major ERP Modules That Will Improve Your Business Operations

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There may be different reasons why company management is not satisfied with the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. When the company is growing, there’s usually the high need for additional functionality. Changing business direction, you should alter your product or service offering, sell to a new market, and work with new distributions channels. When …

Smart Process HRM and ERP App for Workforce Management [VIDEO]

HRM and ERP app video

Every company has unique processes and business operations that require continuous monitoring and adjustment. Тo automate and facilitate these processes, provide better business data visibility and workforce management, companies need smart process apps (HRM and ERP solutions) with comprehensive business functionality. Our team created a powerful workforce management (WFM) app with advanced features and a …