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10 Tips How to Successfully Manage Outsourced Projects

Software outsourcing has been one of the hottest development trends recently. In 2018, the global market value rose to 85.6 billion dollars. Outsourcing is popular among big corporations and small businesses alike – product owners hire testing and development specialists overseas and cooperate remotely. Key reasons: why companies are outsourcing At first glance, this growth …

Role of a Project Manager in a Software Development Project

Or Why You Should Listen to a PM on the Vendor’s Side First of all, it’s essential to mention that such a role of a Project Manager (PM) in Agile methodologies doesn’t exist in its classic form. Agile implies that functions, responsibilities, and duties are shared between team members. For other methodologies, a project manager …

Time and Materials (TM) Contract vs Fixed Price (FP). Which One Is Better?

For the organization to have the opportunity to exist in the future, it is necessary to recognize the business prospects. Only after determining the possibilities of the business, as well as the directions and methods of its evolution, one can talk about specific strategies for growth and competition. To be able not only to assess …

Waterfall Model in SDLC

software development life cycle

To understand the Waterfall Model in SDLC, it’s necessary to dive into the model’s definition, main phases, what documents are associated as the result of each stage, advantages, and disadvantages.

7 Tips for Efficient Resource Management

7 Tips for Efficient Resource Management

In modern business, the process of resource management can’t be handled efficiently without the use of properly designed software solutions. But despite that, it’s important to remember that applications are just tools that allow you to bring your ideas to life. Therefore, the absence of understanding the basic principle of resource management cannot be compensated …