Nowadays, software development companies can offer a wide range of services in order to implement the desired features into a custom application and follow the requirements of a company. There is also a big choice of various tools that can help you to modify an app to your needs or you can choose ready-made solutions if you want to simplify the development process. Today, we want to talk about Webix JavaScript UI Library and look at the examples of how our product can be used in custom software development to build the best applications.

Is Webix Can Be Used in Any Case?

When you are building a custom application, choosing the combination of appropriate development tools may be a crucial task. Each of them has its own field of application, pros and cons, attributes. So, a deep understanding of the basic functionality of a library that you’re going to use in the custom app development process is a must.

If talking about Webix JavaScript UI Library, one of its main distinctive features is the possibility to create application interfaces for the custom apps quickly, spending a minimum of effort. The library does not limit your imagination, and different types of custom applications for various industries can be created while using it. Let’s look at the most popular spheres when our customers choose to go for Webix.

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ERP systems, CRM solutions, resource management modules, project management tools, etc. – there are a lot of options that you may need for your company in order to manage all the business operations more efficiently. By using Webix during custom software development, it is possible to build neat and intuitive custom PM or bug tracking software that will help you to get full control over the workflow. In case you can’t find a tool that meets your requirements among the available solutions on the market, creating a custom application may be a reasonable choice.

Source: User Manager – JavaScript widget for users administration

Supply Chain and Logistics

Webix UI framework offers basic location search functions and allows embedding geographical maps into applications with just several lines of code. Such map services as Google Maps, Here Maps, OpenStreetMap, and Yandex Maps can be integrated. It means that it will be easier to develop custom logistics applications for desktop and mobile platforms. Either you want to develop a custom app for tourists or a useful tool for working with economic indicators associated with a specific geographic region, this feature will significantly simplify the task.

Source: JavaScript Map UI widget


Being able to automate routine processes from systematizing the layout of goods to ensuring that all items are in stock and simplifying the workflow is vital for ecommerce businesses. Thus, for example, an Online Shopping Portal can be created with the help of Webix to organize all data and facilitate work with clients. Orders, ratings, income, etc. – you are only a click away from getting access to the information you need.

Source: JavaScript Charts UI widgets

It is also a relevant option when you need UI/UX improvements and more interactive data visualization for your system, because our UI library provides a great variety of complex widgets that can be customized to various needs.

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From project management software to eCommerce website solutions, it is possible to utilize Webix for your construction company and get a maximum out of the construction software with this UI library. With the amount of built-in charts, one can build an application that will have a better arrangement of large volumes of data. Also, scheduling or service management and other modules can be created faster and easier to give you smarter control over all processes.

Source: Kanban JavaScript UI widget

Energy and Utilities

Upgraded and alternative usage of different energy resources is what bothers many companies nowadays, which is why they search for the ways to develop systems and software that will bring more efficiency and speed to the workflow and business processes. Implementing energy management systems is a good idea in this case. With the services provided by Webix Service Team, it is possible to improve or develop a solution by integrating the library into your current software or by using available integrations.

Source: Desktop JavaScript UI widget

Companies in many industries can benefit from implementing Webix into the applications they utilize and to develop the best solutions at a higher speed and without any integration issues.

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Which Solutions Can Be Built with Webix?

A business is always interested in improving its processes and products to take precedence over the competitors. That is why companies are looking for the best solutions, and turning to our UI library is a wise choice. Let’s look at the applications that can be built faster and easier if Webix is used in the development process.

1. Project Management App with Gantt Charts

There’s nothing more convenient than charts when it comes to visualizing big sets of data in a compact and easy way. The Gantt Chart component provides you with a wide variety of chart types that can be used for creating custom data visualization apps of different levels of complexity. With the widget, it is possible to edit settings according to your needs. Thus, for example, one can switch between different types of visualization according to the type of data. The available options include pie charts, line charts, bar charts, area charts, radar charts, and many other options. In such an application, you can also integrate Scheduler, which allows you to plan events without issues, schedule meetings easier, and book items automatically when needed.

With the functions that you can include into the project management software, it becomes a lot more user-friendly and intuitive and helps you to improve the workflow of your team.

Source: Project Management Application Based on the Gantt Chart

2. HR Information System

HR management solutions are also popular among businesses of various industries. Every company needs to hire new employees now and then. Or, one can be in need of having a system that provides centralized access to information about all company’s current and potential employees. User Manager is one of the Webix widget that can be implemented in such a case. Thus, you will be able to manage the users list and administer access permissions.

To have better control over different documents that have to be uploaded by one user and downloaded by others, Document Manager can be used. It adds the document tree, arrangement of files, and allows you to search relevant documents faster. To place tree-like data, Diagram Library can be used as well. You can also find similar functions in DHTMLX Diagram, one of the widgets of our other popular product and a powerful component for generating JavaScript diagrams.

Source: Human Resources Information System

3. Multi-Modal TMS

For a logistic or supply chain company, it is impossible to operate without a comprehensive system that connects all drivers, vehicles, and customers and shows shortcuts for the set routes, detailed tracking information, and order statuses. In this case, User Manager can help you have more control over users and set restrictions based on their rights and tasks. With the variety of UI components our library provides, it is possible to implement dashboards, and embed geographical maps created by acknowledged map providers.

You can also think about adding Chat / Messenger into the application that will help the employees and customers to have a better understanding with each other. The function gives a good opportunity to connect any time and know the needed information online and deal with the occurred issues quicker.

Source: Multi-Modal Transportation Management System

4. Project Management App with Reporting Module

Dealing with reports is one of the tasks employees need to perform so that everyone understands how the overall process can be improved or to let others know what was already done to achieve success. If a company needs a module for its ERP software, Report manager may be implemented. It helps to create and store big data reports and share them with the users. File Manager is another widget that you can add in order to find relevant reports faster and manage them more effectively with a couple of clicks.

Source: Reporting Module for Project Management Application

5. Car Service Scheduling and Warehouse Management System

If your company offers different car services with the focus on warehouse management, you may find it useful to develop a solution that will allow the automation of a vast number of daily tasks. A comprehensive dashboard and user manager implemented in the system are a must in this case. Scheduler can be another JavaScript widget to add to have a good understanding of the provided services. To Do List  is also a good option if you want to organize tasks by such parameters as dates, projects, or hashtags.

All in all, there are different types of applications that can be built with Webix, because it has an impressive library of widgets.

Source: A System for Efficient Car Service Scheduling and Warehouse Management


As you can see, Webix can be used in custom application development to create solutions for almost any purpose. Whether you’re going to build a simple and minimalist mobile app or a complex ERP system, our UI library can significantly reduce required efforts. It’s easy to work with. The possibility to design user interfaces for custom apps with the declarative JSON style relieves the necessity to handle underlying HTML and CSS code.

Our UI library can take care of the alignment of components, so you don’t have to worry about how your app will look after a user of your custom application resizes it or enables the full-screen mode. Many components support such features as filtering or sorting out-of-the-box. You can construct the user interface of your custom application “brick by brick,” adding, removing, and configuring the components until you get the desired result.

If you want to know more about Webix, the services that our team offers, or have a consultation with our experts about the development process, please contact us so that we can help you.