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React vs. Vue.js. When Both Options are Better

vue.js vs react.js

Both React and Vue.js frameworks have become extremely popular among JavaScript developers in recent years. According to the extensive survey conducted by StackOverflow in 2018, React is one of the top-three JavaScript frameworks. Vue.js, in its turn, received the highest number of stars on GitHub which demonstrates its rapidly growing popularity.   React and Vue.js …

7 Tips To Choose An Outsourcing Web Development Company

7 tips on how to choose outsourcing web development company

The reason for many businesses to outsource web development is inefficiencies and expenses reduction, as well as streamlining business processes. Still, the process of choosing the best fit to outsource web application development may be accompanied by many types of risks: operational, financial, reputational, etc. We’ve done research and selected 7 tips on how to …

7 Tips for Efficient Resource Management

7 Tips for Efficient Resource Management

In modern business, the process of resource management can’t be handled efficiently without the use of properly designed software solutions. But despite that, it’s important to remember that applications are just tools that allow you to bring your ideas to life. Therefore, the absence of understanding the basic principle of resource management cannot be compensated …

Hair and Beauty Salon Business Strategy You Can’t Ignore

Hair and Beauty Salon Business Strategy

When we talk about beauty salons, it may seem that it’s barely possible to imagine customers with new tricks. After all, does anybody expect that a new wave of innovations comparable in a degree of influence with so-called “shared economy” formed by companies like Uber and Airbnb will roll from this particular business segment? Neither …

The Future Of Business Intelligence: Trends To Expect in 2019

Future of BI 2019

The world of enterprise software is changing very rapidly and following all its trends is not an easy task. But if achieving a competitive advantage at the market is your primary goal, you better to ensure that your business follows modern software trends. To help you define if your business intelligence software provides you with …