TechBehemoths 2023 Awards celebrates and acknowledges information and technology excellence in the global B2B market. The platform seeks to recognize those companies that improve the well-being of the industry and highlight voices that represent the future of technology. We are honored to be chosen by the platform as one of the nominees who provide development services and want to share this good news with you.

What Is TechBehemoths Award?

Annually, TechBehemoths recognizes and awards the best IT companies worldwide based on the yearly performance, visibility, trust, delivery capabilities, and engagement with audiences. This year, our company was recognized in three categories related to development services:

  • Custom Software Development;
  • Web Development;
  • ReactJS.

The voting started on November 7 and will end on December 15, 2023, so there is still time. If you want to support us and show your gratitude, we will be glad to have your vote.

We are proud to say that we are nominated for the third year in a row and hope to win this time as well. We appreciate the votes of all our clients and partners, and the recognition of our work means a lot for us.

Source: XB Software | Trusted on TechBehemoths

What Does It Mean for Us?

Our team achieved a lot this year, so it will be really great for us to see that our diligence, tenacity and effort pays out. So, let’s see how our company changed over the last year.

We Built Two White Label Systems

Each year, we analyze the needs of our clients and try to offer those custom software solutions that will be ageless and useful for different business domains. Our team is constantly learning, explores new technologies, and doesn’t forget to strengthen current skills and knowledge.

As for this year, we decided that our Custom Warehouse Management System, which we have been using for many years ourselves, can help our customers as well and that it’s time to show it to the world. As many other businesses, our company has to deal with various warehouse and inventory management activities. We tried to find a solution that will cover all our goals and requirements, however, we didn’t find one. Thus, we decided to create it, and this is how first Warehouse Management Software and then White Label Warehouse and Inventory Management System were developed.

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To ensure that children are able to adapt to the ever-changing world, the education system of different countries constantly changes. Thus, a set of new changes is planned to go live in the Australian education system, and it is important to understand that implementing the new online HSC (Higher School Certificate) exams system for Enterprise Computing and Software Engineering from 2025 in New South Wales, Australia poses several challenges. Ensuring accuracy in exam content, providing real-time feedback on student performance, offering remote testing options, using advanced encryption and authentication technologies – it is a lot you need to deal with.

To make the life of educational organizations easier, we built an Online Exam System, which is another White Label Software that we developed to let our customers use it as they wish.

Source: White Label Online Exam System

We Learn and Grow Each Day

Besides that, we don’t stop to improve those development services that we always provide to our clients. Many of our customers and partners come from such industries as Logistics, Energy & Utilities, Education, Healthcare, Construction, Real Estate, Manufacturing, etc., and we are always eager to make their ideas come true by modernizing their systems or building brand new solutions. Our products – Webix and DHTMLX – also create new ways to improve the interfaces and data visualization of our customers’ systems.

Our professionalism and quality of services is also acknowledged by ISO Certifications (ISO/IEC 27001:2022, ISO 9001:2015), which we updated lately to ensure that our work aligns with the latest technology standards.

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Time flies, and the world changes rapidly. New technologies are now introduced each year, and maybe the future with flying cars and highly intelligent robots is not as far as we may think. So, let’s take the steps to the future together and make the world a better place. If you want to develop a game-changing solution or upgrade your current legacy system to the latest standards and technologies, please contact us, and we will be glad to hear your goals and make them come true.