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Testing of Web Portal for Mechanical Engineering Manufacturers and Buyers

The web portal is a platform that helps to connect the suppliers and buyers of different components. Such platform allows suppliers to improve their balance capacities, and buyers to find the best conditions of the order fulfillment.

Challenges Faced by the QA Team

There was an important development aspect to make the visual part of the application and to simplify its usage. For this purpose, the QA department was required to audit the application usability and offer its UI solutions. The web portal service was developed as an international app, so it was required to test the internationalization and initial localization of the product in two languages. The final stage of testing required to conduct functional and GUI testing, regression and security testing.

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Project in Figures

Provided documents and reports
  • Bug-report
  • Testing checklist
  • Developed test cases
  • Functional testing scenarios
  • Usability recommendations
  • Test plan
  • Test report
  • Sprint report
  • Security test report

Project in Figures

Team engaged
  • 2 QA engineers
  • 500 man-hours
Tools and Platforms
  • Tools: XBtrack, Google Docs
  • Platforms: Windows, iOS
  • Browsers:
    desktop: Chrome, FF, IE10, IE11, IE Edge, Safari 9
    mobile devices: Safari 9, Chrome, IE11, IE Edge
Project Type
  • Web application

Testing Results

Since the introduction of the QA engineer to the project, the following results has been achieved:

  • At the stage of design and development,numerous errors in the application logic and interface were identified. A number of changes were proposed to improve the application usability and lower the entry threshold.
  • Based on the development technology (Scrum), exploratory testing was included as an important factor in the general testing plan. This allowed us to reveal a number of non-trivial errors.
  • Cross-browser testing revealed critical and non-trivial bugs, which minimized the negative users’ attitude using  different environments.
  • Security testing was one of the key stages of the project. It helped to identify and further eliminate the critical moments in the application security.
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