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React.js for Building Powerful Dashboards. Sharing Experience

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Data visualization tools and dashboards, in particular, have become an integral part of any enterprise management process. Every company department is chasing specific goals which require analyzing a large amount of external and internal information. Marketing specialists, sales managers, or financial analysts pursue different goals but have one thing in common: the need to work …

Key BI Technologies and Tools to Enhance Business Competitiveness in 2019

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Any company, small or large, generates a huge amount of business information. Without the right approach for storing and processing data, all the info that you collected during the years of work will turn into a burden to carry. But as soon as you adopt a properly designed business intelligence system, you’ll get the possibility …

How Important Is Technology in Education?

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Each day the world around us looks more and more like a picture from a science-fiction book. Smart speakers connected to the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant services can offer weather reports, tell the latest news, or play a song that better fits your mood. Self-driving cars technology is reaching an incredible level of development. Unfortunately, …

How Much Does ERP Software Cost: Ready-Made vs Custom Solutions [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions can significantly enhance all aspects of your business. While it may seem that the only one reasonable solutions are to choose one of the off-the-shelf solutions provided by such industry titans as SAP or Oracle, there’s another option worthy of mentioning. Custom ERP software has significant advantages in making this option …

The Major ERP Modules That Will Improve Your Business Operations

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There may be different reasons why company management is not satisfied with the current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. When the company is growing, there’s usually the high need for additional functionality. Changing business direction, you should alter your product or service offering, sell to a new market, and work with new distributions channels. When …